Dressing, debridement (foreign body or tissue)
treatment processes such as cleaning the waste With this
that cause anxiety such as post-traumatic stress disorder in burn patients.
Complications may also occur. Pain and anxiety, which trigger each other, make the patient a compelling
puts it in the situation. Many side effects of not properly managed anxiety such as high heart rate
it could be. Alternative alternatives in patients who do not respond well to drugs or who have side effects of drugs
treatments are preferred. One of these alternatives is as a holistic nursing intervention.
accepted aromatherapy. Aromatherapy inhalation of natural essential oils, massage, aroma
inhalation or absorption by the body by methods such as tubs, compresses, etc.
is to provide. Thus, the molecules of essential oils reach the limbic system of the brain and heartbeat.
effect on blood pressure, brain wave activity and secretion of various hormones
shows. In addition, previous studies have shown that oxides in oils obtained from aromatic plants
shown to have pain-reducing effects.
Aromatherapy massage applied with blended or pure oils
It is very effective on spasm. In inhalation aromatherapy, essential oils are a diffuser.
with the help of evaporation. Pain-reducing effect when odor molecules reach the limbic system
A variety of neurochemicals are secreted, thus providing calmness, hormonal balance and general well-being.
One of the components of lavender, one of the most widely used essential oils in aromatherapy.
Linalool has a soothing effect. Antispasmodic as well as sedative
It has properties such as (antispasmodic) and pain reliever (analgesic). Another frequently used
Rose essential oil, which is one of the essential oils, has antidepressant properties thanks to the citronellal it contains.
known. In addition, it is effective on symptoms such as palpitation, tension, headache.
The effectiveness of these methods in relieving the pain and anxiety of burn patients and
A study was conducted in 2016 to compare them with each other. Pain due to burns and
Patients experiencing anxiety participated in this study as participants. The patients were divided into three groups: a
group received inhalation aromatherapy, one group received massage aromatherapy, and the other group received no
did not receive adjunctive therapy and was assigned as the control group. Massage aromatherapy with lavender oil
inhalation aromatherapy was performed with a mixture of lavender and rose oils. Massage, patients
applied to the non-burned skin, a 5-minute back massage was preferred for this study.
Inhalation aromatherapy included inhalation of lavender-rose essential oil for 30 minutes.
The control group did not receive any treatment other than their standard care. From all sessions
Previously, various scales were used to measure pain and anxiety. Obtained from data analysis
The findings revealed that both aromatherapy interventions compared with the control group on pain and anxiety.
showed a reduction. Inhalation aromatherapy is more effective than massage in reducing anxiety.
Massage aromatherapy is more effective than inhalation in reducing pain. Researchers that
The reason is that the skin is stimulated during the massage to produce endorphins and enkephalin and cause pain.
They state that this may be due to blocking the passage of signals from sensory nerves.
Therefore, for the complementary treatment of burn patients, both aromatherapy applications
It is recommended to use in combination.
As holistic nursing care that does not require high cost and non-invasive
Aromatherapy, with both massage and inhalation application, helps burn patients with pain and
It is a very effective method in the treatment of anxiety. Complementary to standard care
reliever, without side effects, in the management of many patients' symptoms.
provides results!

Comparing the effects of aromatherapy massage and inhalation aromatherapy on anxiety
and pain in burn patients: A single-blind randomized clinical trial, Burns,2016

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