The world population is getting older. Two-thirds of the aging population between 2015 and 2050
is expected to double. Mental and neurological disorders common in the aging population
population due to reasons such as disorders, hospitalization, and increased functional disability.
aging has begun to be seen as a global and acute problem. older adults
affecting their functioning, triggering other physical problems, and having serious consequences on their functioning.
The most common mental health problem is anxiety. Elderly to manage anxiety symptoms
adults are most often prescribed psychotropic drugs. These drugs have both limited effects and
has serious side effects. In addition, it is costly in most countries compared to other drug groups.
For all these reasons, non-pharmacological methods are recommended for managing anxiety.
is done. Aromatherapy is one of these methods, especially in anxiety management.
It is obtained by special methods from different parts of aromatic plants such as flowers, leaves and roots.
complementary therapy in which essential oils are used to manage various symptoms
This method is called aromatherapy. The wide range of effects of aromatherapy and its invasiveness
Provides ease of use. For therapeutic purposes, such as inhalation or massage
Aromatherapy, which can be used with different application methods, is both physical and mental.
It is used to protect and support health and to manage problems, if any. Aromatic
The odor molecules of the oils are a pathway that extends from the olfactory receptors of the nose to the limbic system.
It tracks and reaches the cerebral cortex from there, providing physical and mental effects. Aromatherapy
musculoskeletal disorders, gynecological and obstetric health, neurological, autoimmune or digestive
system diseases, side effects of cancer diseases and treatments, general health and life
to alleviate mental health symptoms, although it has a wide range of domains such as
It is one of the most common and effective complementary therapies used.
Lavender is one of the most common aromatic oils used in inhalation aromatherapy.
oil comes. With its sedative, calming and analgesic properties, it can treat stress, depression, anxiety and other
previous studies to have curative effects in the management of mood disorders.
demonstrated in many studies. Another essential oil with soothing effects is chamomile.
oil. Mental health of the older adult population using these two oils in the same study.
effects on the problems were examined.
At least 65 medical records randomly selected from public health centers in Iran
patients were included in this study. Any respiratory disorders or allergies of the participants
did not have. Aromatherapy sessions using lavender and chamomile essential oils 30
took days. Participants were divided into lavender, chamomile and control groups. In the control group
Distilled water was used instead of essential oil for observation purposes. To the determined sample size
Each group consisted of 61 participants. Participants were depressed outside of the individual data survey.
completed the anxiety-stress scale (DASS) before and after arometherapy sessions. All data
recorded and analysed. The results obtained are combined with lavender and chamomile essential oils.
of inhalation aromatherapy, older adults' depression, anxiety, and stress
significantly affected their levels. Aromatherapy sessions lasting 30 days,
the questionnaires applied immediately after the sessions and at the end of all sessions.
decreased depression, anxiety and stress scores.
Aromatherapy has been successful in improving the mental health of older adults without side effects.

The effects of Lavender and Chamomile essential oil inhalation aromatherapy on depression,
anxiety and stress in older community-dwelling people: A randomized controlled trial,
Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing, 2021

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