As people age, they experience some cognitive, physical and social changes. These changes
regression in functions such as attention, memory, concentration, perception, reasoning ability.
causes. The lack of these functions seriously affects the quality of life of the person. As age progresses
One of the most common problems experienced is sleep problems. A quality night's sleep
People who can't get enough sleep are in a lethargic mood during the day, and this situation requires attention and attention.
triggers a lack of concentration.
To overcome the impairments in cognitive functions and sleep in the elderly.
pharmacological methods can be used. However, their potential side effects and multiple
Factors such as sometimes not showing the desired effect due to drug use are pharmacological
It also increases the tendency towards non-existent approaches. One of these methods is plant-based.
defined as the complementary use of essential oils for physical and mental health.
is aromatherapy. Sleep problems and cognitive dysfunctions in the elderly
There are many studies investigating its effects on But these two situations trigger each other.
and the elderly experience these two conditions simultaneously. In the literature, these two conditions together
The lack of a study in which it was examined motivated the researchers. Karabuk in 2020 and
The joint work of Gazi University was published in the journal "Holistic Nursing Practice".
Physical complaints such as infection and olfactory problems that also affect sleep were included in the study.
39 elderly adults living in non-nursing homes participated. For inhalation aromatherapy
lavender oil and rosemary-lemon oil mixture was preferred. Aromatherapy sessions one week
performed routinely throughout. Cognitive awareness of participants before and after aromatherapy sessions.
functions (BOMCT) and daytime sleepiness (Epworth Sleepiness Scale).
scales were used. Analysis of all the data collected, the effect of lavender aromatherapy on both daytime sleep
It reduces the tendency to both and improves cognitive functions in older adults; rosemaryon
showed that the oil mixture was good for cognitive dysfunction in older adults.
This study was conducted on the effects of rosemary-lemon oil and lavender oil on daytime sleepiness in the elderly.
Although it is the first study in the literature to evaluate the effect of
Performing with a living population may cause some limitations. Researchers next
In this step, the data of older adults living in different environments will be evaluated together.
They say there will be randomized controlled trials.

The Effect of Aromatherapy Application on Cognitive Functions and Daytime Sleepiness
in Older Adults Living in a Nursing Home, Holistic Nursing Practice, 2020

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