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The frequent accompanying problem of hyperlipidemia in high blood pressure patients leads to the onset and development of cardiovascular diseases. Eating habits, irregular lifestyle as well as work and environmental stress contribute to the development of this problem. Studies have shown that the balanced application of omega fatty acids to the diet can reduce blood pressure.

Sea buckthorn (Latin scientific name, Hippophae rhamnoides) oil is rich in antioxidants such as vitamin E and carotenoids, as well as palmitoleic acid as essential components, as well as omega group fatty acids (omega-7), such as alpha linolenic acid. In a recent clinical study, 106 male volunteers aged 25-45 were divided into three groups. The “Control” group consisting of healthy individuals is given one buckthorn capsule a day for 30 days. The second and third groups are composed of high blood pressure and high cholesterol patients. One of these groups is given a capsule containing ineffective sunflower oil (placebo; ineffective drug), while the other is given a capsule containing sunflower oil for 30 days. To determine the results, the change in blood pressure and serum lipid values ​​from baseline and after 30 days is evaluated. The blood pressure values ​​(small and large) in the sea buckthorn oil group showed a significant decrease both compared to the baseline measurements and compared to the 2nd group given the ineffective capsule. Measured blood analysis values; A significant decrease was detected in total cholesterol (TC), bad cholesterol (LDL), oxidized LDL, triglyceride (TG) and total serum antioxidant values, both compared to the baseline values ​​and compared to the 2nd group. In the 1st group of healthy volunteers, a significant decrease was observed in the blood values ​​measured compared to the initial values ​​after the application of sea buckthorn oil capsule. On the other hand, no significant change was observed in the initially high homocysteine ​​levels in all three groups.

Apart from this single clinical human study conducted on the effects of sea buckthorn oil, the efficacy profile is also revealed by studies on experimental animals. In one of them, it has been shown that it can be effective against the negative effects of radiation. In fact, we are exposed to radiation in various ways in our daily lives, except for medical radiation applications. In a study conducted on experimental animals, it was examined how the oil obtained from the fruit and seeds of buckthorn could be effective on the negative effects of radiation on the gastrointestinal system. Before irradiation, one group of animals was given buckwheat oil orally for a week, while the other group was given olive oil. At the end of the period, the results were evaluated with various tests (inflammation markers). The results show that sea buckthorn oil provided a significant improvement in all measured inflammatory parameters. In this respect, it is predicted that buckthorn oil may play a protective role as a preservative before radiation applications.

In other studies, it is reported that it can be effective in preventing damage due to hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) in the brain, preventing liver damage caused by toxins, and healing wounds in the stomach in diseases such as gastritis and stomach ulcers.


STANBUL (AA) - Specialist from Medipol Mega University Hospital Traditional and Complementary Medicine Department. Dr. Yegane Özcan, 'The only source of Omega 7 in nature, the yellow healing wild buckthorn fruit was used as a medicine in East Asia, China, Tibetan medicine and Ancient Greece due to its healing properties. The oil of buckthorn, which contains more vitamin C than citrus fruits, is also good for many diseases.' used the phrases.

According to the statement made by the hospital, Specialist from the Medipol Mega University Hospital Traditional and Complementary Medicine Department. Dr. Yegane Özcan gave information about wild buckthorn, which is known by many different names such as hippophae rhamnoides in Latin and a plant belonging to the sea buckthorn, sea buckthorn and sea buckthorn.

Explaining the benefits of wild sea buckthorn fruit, Özcan said, “In addition to its antiviral and immune system strengthening properties, it is also used in the treatment of influenza infection. Having an anti-inflammatory effect, wild sea buckthorn berry supports wound healing thanks to vitamins A and E. It not only strengthens the tissues, but also balances the metabolism. Regular consumption of wild sea buckthorn fruit increases the production of serotonin and improves depressive mood.' made his statements.

Özcan said, “The only source of Omega 7 in nature is the yellow healing wild sea buckthorn fruit, it was used as medicine in East Asia, China, Tibetan medicine and Ancient Greece due to its healing properties. The oil of buckthorn, which contains more vitamin C than citrus fruits, is also good for many diseases. Rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, boron, phosphorus, amino acids, carotenoids and flavonoids, wild sea buckthorn also contains vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, E, PP, N.' gave the information.

- Control your appetite by eating 100 grams a day

Pointing out that low-calorie foods consumed to lose weight can deprive the body of vitamins and minerals, Özcan said, "There is a need for various vitamin and mineral supplements for this situation, whereas you only need 100 g of wild sea buckthorn per day to fill this gap completely naturally. There are only 52 calories in 100 grams of wild sea buckthorn. Sea buckthorn oil obtained from fruits also significantly reduces appetite.' used the phrases. Explaining that energy drinks containing wild sea buckthorn are produced in Japan, Özcan said that this natural energy drink is also a good source of energy for those who do sports.

Özcan said that there are plenty of Omega 7, Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids in the oil of sea buckthorn, and said the following about the benefits of wild buckthorn oil:

'The oil obtained from the buckwheat fruit lowers the amount of cholesterol in the blood, especially supports the treatment of oncology diseases of the digestive system. It has a significant healing effect on burn wounds. It helps support heart function and protect against diabetes. It is very useful for people with weak immunity. In terms of vitamin E, wild buckthorn fruit and oil, which ranks first compared to other fruits, have a very important effect on fighting diseases related to old age. Known to have a positive effect on sexual health, vitamin E contributes to the development of embryo and fetus as well as egg fertilization.'

Özcan shared the recipe of the wild spruce berry tea, which is called the tea of ​​longevity in Ancient China, and said, “Especially in winter, a healing tea that will warm you up in colds, 150 g of wild sea buckthorn fruit, 2 tablespoons of black tea leaves, 1 teaspoon of flower honey in 600 ml. It is prepared by adding it to boiling water. Thoroughly washed and sorted 100 g fruits are brought to a puree consistency. Fruit puree, any remaining fruit and black tea are placed in the teapot. Boiling water is added to it and infused for 7-10 minutes. Put 1 teaspoon of honey in the cup and add the brewed tea on it.' made statements.

Was it too ambitious? But true. There is no one who has not heard of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for our health. In fact, how many of us know about Omega 7, which dates back to Ancient Greece?

The Latin name of the plant from which it is obtained, Hippophae rhamnoides, means "shining horse". It was used in the treatment of sick horses in ancient Greece. Before the war, Genghis Khan made it necessary for his warriors to eat this plant. According to another legend, it is referred to as the immortal plant stolen by the snake.

Omega-7, also known as palmitoleic acid, is a fatty acid found in some foods that are high in fat. It deserves a little more recognition for what our bodies produce and its benefits.

Omega-7, a member of the essential fatty acids group, is a monounsaturated fat. The common feature of the group is as follows; It has a double bond at carbon number 7 in the fatty acid chain. 1 , 2 All oils get their name from this double carbon. For example, Omega-3 has a double bond at carbon atom 3.

Unlike Omega-6 and Omega-3 found in seeds, nuts, eggs and fish, Omega-7 is not a necessary fat because our body already produces it. Of course, as we age, this production in the body decreases. Although the body produces palmitoleic acid, which is found in the tissues and liver, research shows that taking it as a supplement has benefits.

Metabolic syndrome is a condition that causes chronic diseases with increased waist circumference, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high glucose levels. If you have metabolic syndrome, it means that you are starting to move towards life-threatening diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, cerebral palsy as a result of high LDL (bad cholesterol), low HDL (good cholesterol), insulin resistance, obesity and chronic inflammation. This is where Omega 7 comes into play. While Omega 3 fights against chronic inflammation in our body, Omega 7 acts through many different mechanisms. It prevents atherosclerosis in the endothelial layer, which we call the vascular membrane, at the cellular tissue level, even before the diseases begin. It helps to use energy effectively by increasing the communication between muscle and adipose tissue. Even low amounts of Omega 7 regulate insulin levels while stopping the production of harmful fatty acids. It can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, prevent atherosclerosis and control inflammation markers called C-reactive protein (CRP), which are associated with heart attack and stroke.

Beneficial for heart health

Atherosclerosis is caused by the formation of a plaque and cholesterol that blocks the flow in the arteries. According to research, Omega-7 can reduce the formation of stiffness and high blood pressure by reducing vascular swelling. 3

Palmitoleic acid can affect the strengthening of the immune system, and as a result, heart health is preserved by reducing inflammation and swelling. 4

Reduces insulin resistance

Insulin resistance occurs when body cells do not respond to insulin—a hormone that controls blood sugar levels by facilitating the use of glucose. Omega-7 protects against insulin resistance by helping to minimize blood sugar spikes after a carbohydrate-rich meal. 5 , 6

Because frequent and prolonged blood sugar spikes can increase your risk of type 2 diabetes, avoiding these spikes also lowers your risk of diabetes. For this, you need to stay away from foods that have a high glycemic index, that is, that increase blood sugar suddenly.

Provides satiety, facilitates weight loss

Taking Omega-7 from food or supplements can make you feel fuller for longer. It reduces excessive food consumption and promotes the release of satiety hormones. 7

Studies show that Omega 7 prevents the body from accumulating fat. It reveals that in addition to melting fat, it also provides success in not re-oiling. It increases the body's sensitivity to insulin by accelerating the metabolism. Thus, instead of storing glucose as fat, the body converts it into energy and weight control becomes easier. 8 , 9 

Supports skin health

Skin cells are oxidized when exposed to the sun, environmental pollution or chemicals, which can cause premature aging of the skin.

In a 7-week study in 11 young men, Omega-7 applied directly to the skin promoted skin elasticity better than placebo.

Omega-7 protects against this oxidative damage by promoting the development of new skin cells. Some studies conclude that Omega-7 can increase the synthesis of elastin and collagen, reducing the onset of wrinkles, keeping the skin young and strong. 10

Reduces inflammation

Omega-7 fatty acids can reduce inflammation in people with ulcerative colitis, a type of inflammatory bowel problem. 11 It can also help reduce inflammation and discomfort in dry eyes. 12

Obesity or too much alcohol consumption can lead to damage to the internal organs and fatty liver. Studies show that Omega-7 can be effective in fatty liver by suppressing inflammatory cytokines and increasing insulin sensitivity. 13 Cytokines have an important role in fatty liver and cause inflammation and insulin resistance. 14 , 15

Omega-7 fats can also help increase HDL (good cholesterol) levels and reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) levels by balancing levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), an inflammatory marker of heart disease. 16

High LDL cholesterol levels lead to the accumulation of fat in your arteries. This condition starts to clog arteries, increasing your risk of stroke and heart attack. A high HDL cholesterol level protects against these conditions.

It lowers triglyceride levels. 17 

Useful for vagina and dry eyes

These two drynesses, which are usually seen together, are common and severely impairing the quality of life. Omega-7 increases the osmolarity of the mucus layer and ensures that it is moisturized again. 18 

What foods are in it?

Omega-7 is extremely rare. There are only a few foods that contain significant amounts of Omega-7:

  • Macadamia nut and oil
  • wild buckthorn oil
  • avocado oil
  • Olive oil

The membrane of our cells consists of 2 layers of fat (lipid). The health of this membrane is critical for nearly all biochemical events. Don't skimp on quality fats from your diet. The production of Omega-7, which has many positive effects from keeping full to heart health, from skin rejuvenation to insulin resistance, from fat burning to fatty liver, decreases with age. Therefore, it is important to supplement by consuming the foods it contains regularly.


It is 100% Wild Sea buckthorn oil obtained from wild buckthorn fruits by cold press without applying heat. It is very effective in skin damage. Perfect for after sun. It also has a valuable ingredient that is preferred to moisturize the skin and scalp.

Flavonoids, lycopene, keratonoids, phytosteroids, A, B1, B12; Vitamins C, E and K neutralize free radicals in skin cells, protect skin cells from harmful effects, and increase collagen production. Thus, it removes skin wrinkles. It is used to protect from allergic skin diseases and the harmful effects of sunlight by increasing the oxygenation of the skin. It has positive effects on hair and skin. Capsule forms can also be used by applying to the skin. It is used in the treatment of mucosal dryness, eye and vaginal dryness, cough, stomach diseases by increasing the water retention capacity of the skin. It prevents the formation of weight gain, fatty liver and atherosclerosis in the veins. By increasing glucose uptake into muscle cells, it allows fat to be burned instead of stored, thus helping weight control and slimming. It adjusts the insulin balance by increasing the production of insulin-producing cells and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes by reducing insulin resistance.

Although its homeland is Mongolia and the Baltic Sea coasts, it also grows in Tuscany. It likes sandy soil and sun. The oil obtained from the fleshy part of the fruit is dark orange in color and contains unsaturated fatty acids (Linolacid, alpha-Linolene acid, Palmitoleic acid) and Provitamin A.

It protects the skin from external effects with its valuable ingredients and is used as a precautionary measure before and after radiotherapy. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory, skin care provider and skin regenerator. Expensive; but this valuable oil contains a high percentage of vegetable dyestuff, Flavonoid; This substance may stain skin and clothing. It is enough to use a few drops in body oil mixtures and creams.

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