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AROTOLIA, in this period when resources are scarce but the need for the natural and pure is more than ever and it is inevitable for us to look at the world with different eyes, at least some of the thousands of kinds of healing resources that Mother Nature has offered us for thousands of years but we have forgotten. It was born when we believe with all our heart that we need to be reminded again and take it as our duty.

For those who want to reach the physical and mental healing, feeling good, happiness and peaceful power of aromatherapy in its pure and clean form, just like thousands of years ago, we only find oils that we believe in, that respect human labor and that are produced organically and that have been analyzed and certified in the most distinguished laboratories of the world. As we are able to offer these rare organic oils, which are rare like every precious thing, with limited stock, we put them in very valuable cobalt blue glass bottles that will prolong their lifespan and protect them from ultra violet rays, and keep them tightly closed with very special caps and caps, we know their value and are grateful for the healing they provide.