English name: Cypress essential oil
Scientific name of the plant: Cupressus sempervirens L.
The family of the plant: Cupressaceae
Description: Essential oil obtained by steam distillation from young branches and leaves.
Color: Pale yellow, olive green
Fragrance: Woody, fresh, herbaceous, pine following the resin scent
Fragrance level: Medium
Note: Medium
Consistency: Thin
Composition: 70% is terpenic compounds
Growing places: Its homeland is Anatolia. It grows in all Mediterranean countries. Italy, Spain,
Portugal and France (especially Corsica)
Compatible oils: Compatible with all citrus oils, clary sage, juniper.
- Antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory. Cleaning and healing cuts and wounds
might help.
- In diseases related to the respiratory system; It is an antispasmodic that prevents coughing fits, especially in bronchitis or flu infections. Use in censers or diffusers. It can be mixed with jojoba oil in moderation and massaged into the chest or back.
- It can be mixed with a fixed oil especially in hemorrhoids due to its vasoconstrictor feature.
When applied, it soothes the area and kills some bacteria.
- Corrects circulatory system weaknesses, soothes muscle cramps and is applied to varicose veins. When mixed with a carrier oil and massaged into varicose veins, it soothes pain and swelling.
- It regulates menstrual periods and prevents excessive bleeding. Relieves menopause complaints.
- It is effective in making a foot bath for sweaty and smelly feet.
- It has disinfecting and insect repellent properties.
- Constructive in the spiritual field, it helps to overcome internal disorganization, to gather oneself, to balance and to increase concentration.
- Those who are allergic to cypress should not use it.
- Diluted with carrier oil and diluted with carrier oil on a small spot of the skin
No reaction should be checked.
- It should not come into contact with the eyes.
- It is one of the most commonly recommended oils for cellulite treatment, but there is no record of it reducing cellulite.
- It should not be used during pregnancy and lactation.
- It should be kept out of reach of children.
- Long-term use should be avoided.
It should be stored in tightly closed non-plastic containers in a cool environment protected from heat, light and moisture.