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Aromaterapi Yastığı


In today's world, most people do not set aside private time for quality rest or
can't separate. People who spend most of their time at work or school
they spend outside. If we look more recently, as of 2020, the pandemic process brought
While people's stress level increases due to working from home conditions or workload at home,
less time for themselves. Sitting for hours at home, in the classroom, or at work
It creates space for many physical ailments by causing nerve compressions in the neck area.
Factors such as exposure to pollution outside, sedentary life, mental fatigue are actually human beings.
causes his body to become increasingly vulnerable.
By addressing these problems in Indonesia in 2020, for a portable but effective rest
A product that offers a solution was designed: Aromatherapy pillow! Both essential oil release and
The purpose of designing this neck-mounted pillow, which can also adjust the temperature, is to relieve the nerves and nerves trapped in the neck.
to treat fatigue.
Non-pharmacological pain management, pain based on physical stimulation and cognitive behavior
based on management. Aromatherapy as an alternative treatment for non-pharmacological pain
While used, hot compress also opens blood vessels in joints, muscles, ligaments.
by reducing pain from injury or squeezing and increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery
Supports aromatherapy. Warm-warm heat increases range of motion by reducing the potential for muscle spasm.
can also increase. However, unless recommended by a doctor or physiotherapist
Compress therapy should not be longer than 20 minutes. The ideal treatment is stated as 5-15 minutes.
Because the heat resistance of the skin and the heat exchange between the hot compress and the skin are different.
is different.
The researchers clearly state the overall product design goals for the aromatherapy pillow.
The primary one is the shape of the pillow. Anywhere and anytime that doesn't require reaching out
Circular pillow shape is offered for use, just like travel pillows. So to rest
Even if you can't spare time, you can use aromatherapy oils and hot compresses at any time of the day.
You will be able to heal yourself. In terms of skin contact, pillowcases should be made of cotton.
They also focus on their production.
Whenever you want with a comfortable, ergonomic and long-lasting aromatherapy pillow
Treating your fatigue and neck pain sounds pretty exciting!

Aromatherapy Pillow Design Using QFD Method to Cure Pinched Nerve - IOP Conference
Series: Materials Science and Engineering ,2020

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