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Dikkat Eksikliği Ve Hafızanın Lezzetli Çözümü: Biberiye Yağı


In the process from past ages to the present, modernizing humanity has developed in many ways.
However, there is one thing he has lost and cannot replace: attention! Attention; ability to focus
consists of several parameters such as visual and numerical memory. Attention in today's world
memory deficits, such as Alzheimer's, as well as children with a disability or hyperactivity disorder.
The number of adults with the disease that causes problems is also increasing.
Accessible, fast and effective without side effects for different age groups and populations
Aromatherapy as a treatment method is the main
one of the techniques. In the past, people used many essential oil trial and error methods and observations.
used without any scientific evidence. These oils are commonly
One of those used was rosemary. Effects of rosemary oil on the nervous system over time
proven. Objective indicators of the autonomic nervous system are body temperature, heart rate, respiration
velocity and blood pressure. This data of participants before and after aromatherapy sessions
The results obtained by evaluating the brain wave activity of rosemary essential oil
had stimulant effects on In another study, advanced age and some Alzheimer's disease
The effects of aromatherapy on participants suffering from the disease were examined. for 28 days
cognitive indexes of participants who took inhalation sessions with determined oils in the morning and evening
positive effect was observed. Apart from this, learning about different doses of rosemary extract
There are also studies examining its effects on visual memory and visual memory. This work,
aromatherapy sessions in the hippocampus (brain from short-term memory to long-term memory)
was studying the effects on the survival of neurons.
The dose of rosemary extract determined according to the results contributes to the recovery of information from memory.
was there! In fact, the use of rosemary in small doses in food is positive.
effects were found.
On the short-term image and digital memory of rosemary essential oil in Ukraine in 2017.
effect was investigated. But before the researchers announced the results in their publications, there was an interesting
drew attention to the point. Preferences for essential oils related to gender and ethnicity
There was evidence that it could happen. Hispanic and Latino American secondary school in a study
The attractiveness of essential oils among students is evaluated. The results of the study, orange
showed that inhaling its essential oil was associated with happiness in girls. Also, Spanish
girls are more likely to find that the scent of orange essential oil is more soothing than Latin American girls.
they thought it was. On the other hand, Latin American men smell mint in Spanish.
they described them as "energetic" more often than students. At this point, researchers
As a multiracial state, Ukraine's taste sensitivities are diverse and unique.
they were stating.
Research shows that rosemary essential oil is used in secondary schools living in modern Ukrainian cities.
He was examining the effect of his students on short-term image and digital memory characteristics.
Participants were randomly divided into two groups. Air sprayed with a bunch of rosemary essential oil
while inhaling, the other group did not inhale any essential oil. Students, the essential oil in the room
were not informed about the presence of aromas. To test visual and numerical memory, two
They defined different tasks. For visual memory, participants were presented with a 16-image chart for 20 seconds.
shown. The task was to remember as many images as possible for 20 seconds. digital memory
For this, the participants were shown double-digit numbers instead of visuals. As many tasks as possible
to remember the number. All collected results are analyzed with statistical programs in virtual environment.
was done. The results showed that the productivity of the short-term memory of the group that inhaled the aroma of rosemary.
showed a significant and positive difference. Inhalation of rosemary essential oil
It significantly increases image memory and also contributes to the memorization of numbers.
had been found.
Visual and numerical memory are two important factors that create attention and contribute to focusing time.
is a piece. These aromatic solutions that do not carry the side effects of the synthetic components of the drugs
ease of use, safety and low cost that can improve it without taking anything more from the human
It is an important approach with a number of advantages at a cost.

The essential oil of rosemary and its effect on the human image and numerical short-term
memory – Egyprian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 2017

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