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Doğum Sancıları Ve Aromaterapi


Although birth is an indescribable process, it causes the mother to experience serious pain. this pain
Two general approaches are followed to mitigate their experiences: pharmacological and
non-pharmacological approaches. While pharmacological approaches deal with drugs, pharmacological
Non-approaches deal with techniques such as relaxation, breathing techniques, massage, music.
One of the non-pharmacological approaches is aromatherapy! 60 in India in 2013
A study was conducted to examine the effects of aromatherapy with the mother on labor pains.
The mothers included in the study were between the ages of 18-35 and had no pregnancy risk.
was not carrying. All participants were between 37 and 41 weeks of pregnancy. Participants each
The group was divided into two as 30 people. Aromatherapy massage with lavender oil to a group
(experimental group) only massage was applied to the other group (control group).
Massage was given to all women in the experimental group by the researcher in the lateral position (side lying).
done. Back massage was given to the experimental group in the latent phase (cervix width 3-4 cm), active phase (5-7 cm).
cm) and in the transition period (8-10 cm) at medium thrust intensity and in rhythmic mode. Later
participants' self-evaluation of their pain levels before and after the massage
requested. Thus, reducing the pain intensity of aromatherapy, following the contractions and giving birth
The effects on facilitating the mechanism and shortening the delivery time were investigated.
In the control group, aroma-free massage was applied. Active labor in both groups
Findings were recorded until the baby was completely out of phase. All participants work
completed and all interventions were followed up completely. The results obtained are statistically
analyzed. The average pain score obtained for the aromatherapy, that is, the experimental group,
decreased compared to the group. The duration of labor is also in the first and second stages of labor.
showed a significant decrease in the experimental group. Postpartum in women in both groups
there was no bleeding. In addition, individual reviews of women in the aromatherapy group
showed that he was satisfied with the relief of pain and that the cesarean section was reduced.
This study shows that previous aromatherapy has positive effects on pain and fear during childbirth.
effects (Chang, 2000) and aromatherapy causes pain, nausea and
It also supports research that it relieves vomiting and strengthens uterine contractions (Burns, 2000).
quality. The degree of pain experienced during childbirth, the frequency of uterine contractions,
related to its intensity and duration. Severe pain leads to hyperventilation (much more than it should be)
rapid or much deeper breathing) can cause cardiac output and maternal
It carries the risk of uteroplacental narrowing by increasing catecholamine (hormone) secretion. This is the mother and
may cause undesirable complications in the baby. Therefore, at birth
Support and care are very important. Linalool acetate, one of the components of lavender
The fact that it had a calming effect played a key role in the effectiveness of the massage.
Prolongation of the first stage of labor may result in cesarean or assisted vaginal delivery (e.g. vacuum
using extractor) is one of the reasons. If the delivery period is too long, the baby may develop hypoxia.
(oxygen deficiency). It can also frighten the mother. fear of childbirth
It can complicate communication between the mother and the delivery staff. This communication is one of the most important clinical decisions.
Getting it right is very important. In this study, the researcher was constantly
She also provided emotional support to the mother by waiting at the bedside. as strong as possible and
He contributed to the collection of the clearest data from the mother, trying to establish a sensitive communication.
Similar studies in different countries have shown that aroma massage therapy is new and effective during childbirth.
they state that it can be introduced as a method.
The findings of the study are consistent with research on non-pharmacological management during childbirth.
added information to the relevant existing literature. Non-pharmacological aromatherapy massage intervention
a harmless, mother-friendly, cost-effective method that does not require many years of training
It is an intervention whose applicability is increasing. This intervention is health care
It can be used by practitioners as part of maternal care and birthing routines.

Effectiveness of Aromatherapy in Reducing Labor Pain and Duration of Labor among
Primigravidas: A Pilot Study

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