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Gece Vardiyasında Çalışan Sağlık Personelleri


Almost all of the health personnel work alternately in night shifts. night
shifts disrupt both biological and social rhythms, opening the door to various ailments.
cardiovascular diseases, glucose intolerance, hypertension and depression
are some. Endothelial function in healthcare personnel after working the night shift.
disorders have been observed. ''The endothelium is a layer within the inner part of blood vessels.
It is an organ with arrayed cells. Its main function is to ensure adequate blood flow in tissues, blood
pressure and blood flow.'' A healthy endothelium, nitric oxide
initiation and development of atherosclerotic complications (hardening of the arteries) by secreting
provides prevention. In short, deterioration of endothelial function is associated with cardiovascular diseases.
closely related.
Although it is recommended to reduce the frequency and duration of night shifts, most health workers
It is not possible to eliminate night shift work for personnel. Therefore
To reduce the negative effects of shift work of health personnel and
treatment options are needed. One of these options is complementary
One of the treatments is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is used in both pain and anxiety management and
It is very effective in relaxation and relaxation. Essential oils used in aromatherapy
it reaches the parasympathetic nerves and provides relaxation and relaxation,
It also shows sedative and anticonvulsive (anti-seizure) effects. Because of such effects
After the night shift of a 30-minute aromatherapy session, researchers
began to examine its effects on endothelial function in personnel. 11 doctors,
19 health personnel, 8 of whom are technicians, were included in this study as participants.
Endothelial functions of the participants; on a normal day when there was no night shift the previous day,
before and after a 30-minute aromatherapy session taken after the night shift
measured afterwards. This measurement is a predictor of FMD, a marker of endothelial function.
carried out by observation. FMD, flow-mediated dilation, early vessel
It is an ultrasonographic marker of hardening. Aromatherapy treatment with hot water
It was done by inhalation of diluted lavender. Analysis of all collected data
decrease in endothelial dysfunctions in healthcare personnel after night shift
demonstrated that it does.
Aromatherapy is effective, low cost and easy with non-invasiveness (requiring surgical procedure).
its applicability, especially by reducing endothelial function, thus reducing the night shift.
represents an attractive strategy for healthcare professionals in mitigating cardiovascular injury.
it does!

Aromatherapy alleviates endothelial dysfunction of medical staff after night-shift work:
preliminary observations, Hypertension Research,2010 should undergo endothelial function test?

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