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Göz Ameliyatı (Vitrektomi) Sonrası Ağrı Yönetimi: Aromaterapi Masajının Etkileri


Vitrectomy operation is a surgical procedure for various eye problems. your eye
it is filled with a substance called vitreous, which keeps it whole. vitrectomy
In operations, the vitreous is drained and the retina is reached. Later, the eye is replaced by the humorus instead of the vitreous.
It is filled with intraocular fluid called aqueous. Therefore, retinal problems undergoing vitrectomy
After eye surgery, patients need to lie face down for a few days. This is hospitalization
position is both a physical and psychological challenge for patients. lying face down for a long time
patients experience shoulder, back, waist, neck and arm pain. This is critical for most patients' eyes.
cannot adequately adapt to the sleeping position. Various pillows, bedding, glasses
Although it is used, it is helpful to make this prone positioning possible, which causes discomfort to the patients.
an intervention is needed.
Aromatherapy is a complementary treatment method with a wide application area. Volatile
the application of oils by inhalation or massage, both physically and psychologically.
has the effect of relieving symptoms. The drug use of aromatherapy massage
as it is an effective method without involving various complicated methods.
An effective intervention that can alleviate the burden of lying position after vitrectomy
thought it might be. A study was designed to test the validity of this proposition.
The study was carried out in a hospital in Tokyo, Japan. Participants essential oil
aromatherapy massage, essential oil-free oily massage and no-oil-free control
group was divided into three. Aromatherapy massage with essential oils and standard oils
traditional massage lasted 10 minutes. Essential oils used in aromatherapy, grape seed
It consisted of a mixture of eucalyptus and lemon essential oils in its oil (carrier oil).
Very short intervention in the neck area as the head of the patients should not move
was done. In traditional massage, only grape seed oil was used. If the control group
did not receive any massage treatments. To assess patients' pain levels, various
scales were used. Data were collected with the help of these scales before and after all sessions.
The results showed that there were two kinds of changes in physical pain. These are short-term and long-term
term changes. Short-term change refers to the same-day effects of aromatherapy massage.
was doing. The pain score at 09:00 in the morning before the intervention was recorded on the same day after the intervention.
It was down at 11:00 am. Short in both aromatherapy massage and traditional massage
long-term effects were observed. This finding suggests that the short-term effects of aromatherapy
shows that it is due to the effects of physical massage, not its therapeutic effects. But
When comparing the long-term effects of massage, the effectiveness of aromatherapy massage is compared to traditional
It was more than massage. Pain of patients who did not receive any massage session from the control group
gradually increased.
Prolonged prone positioning after vitrectomy is a very difficult and painful process. supportive
pillows and beds are not enough to relieve this pain. Oil massage is the solution to this problem.
The effects of mitigation have been proven in this study. In addition, the long duration of aromatherapy massage
It provides an advantage as it has a long-term effect. Previous studies on pain
It has also shown the psychological effects of aromatherapy massage. Therefore, aromatherapy massage,
Caused by lying face down after vitrectomy operations due to retinal problems
advantageous nursing with long-term effects that can be used in the management of pain
is the application.

Effects of Aromatherapy Massage on Face-Down Posture-Related Pain After Vitrectomy: A
Randomized Controlled Trial, Pain Management Nursing, 2014

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