Workplace stress and burnout are one of the most common problems of our time. with the workplace of the employees
related stress disorders potentially affect work performance in a range of physical and
associated with mental health problems. In addition, approximately 40% of all work-related absences
It was determined that 50 of them were related to stress. Psychological problems, physical complaints due to stress,
Perceived job stress has negative effects on employee health and productivity.
Because of this, experts are increasingly using workplace health promotion programs.
demands its implementation. Many methods and approaches to workplace stress management
determined. Aromatherapy is among these approaches thanks to its easy application and effectiveness.
one of the highlights. This discipline is being used by more and more people worldwide.
and clinical research in this area is expanding every year. aromatherapy,
proven high efficacy in reducing stress and improving mood disorders
There are numerous studies examining the effectiveness of aromatherapy in reducing stress. 2017
In a study conducted in 2007, this window was narrowed and only focused on stress at work.
focused. By balancing the autonomic nervous system, aromatherapy indirectly reduces workplace stress.
A study has been published that analyzes how it affects job performance.
Participants consisted of 42 administrative university employees. The common feature of their employees is that they all
typing on the computer for long hours. Participants were randomly assigned to aromatherapy.
and placebo group, but they were not told which group they belonged to. aromatherapy
citrus oil was used for the group and a neutral oil was used for the placebo group. Sessions one computer
was carried out in the classroom and participants were asked to perform a computer task on a particular website.
were asked to complete. This task involved writing like his own business. This is because all
It was a very common job task in the world. University staff in any company, bank
computer for a full working day in many positions, such as staff or administrative staff.
Typing in front of you with the keyboard is a normal task. In order to serve the purpose of the experiment
Participants were not asked to write an academic paper or a detailed report. All
participants were presented with a personalized questionnaire about their lifestyle, and all were consistent.
should complete the items with the answers. There was no right or wrong answer, best performance,
it required quick thinking and quick typing of answers. Moreover
Before the sessions, each participant completed some stress and anxiety inventories. autonomic nerve
heart rate of participants before and after sessions to monitor their
changes (HRV) were measured. For the reliability of these data, all participants were asked before the experiment.
They were asked not to consume any food or beverage containing alcohol or caffeine after the evening of the day.
They were also asked not to do vigorous physical activity for 24 hours before the test.
All measurements were analyzed with the help of computer programs. (Anova and Matlab used)
Results as a way to improve quality of life and performance at work.
confirmed the importance and application of aromatherapy. In a computer study session
Inhaling the designated essential oil improved keyboard typing performance time and improved HRV
produced some changes. The results of the HRV analysis revealed that the stress level of the participants decreased and
explained by the increased level of attention. Researchers call these results as “attention and alertness”.
in terms of reducing the stress level of the participants and increasing the arousal level
They defined it as an improvement in mental and emotional state with a combination of
This effect of aromatherapy is very promising for the solution of a global problem! If your
If you are complaining about the same situation at your workplace, you can experience this method with your employees.
Or you can put a small diffuser on your office desk. In any case, from the power of aromatherapy
you will benefit!

Aromatherapy Improves Work Performance Through Balancing the Autonomic Nervous