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Kolyenin İçinde Bir Sensör: Escent


All over the world, at any time of the day, stress can affect a person's daily life.
may affect. Serious anxiety disorders affect a high population in most countries.
and many people have to use heavy drugs to combat it.
But when people with anxiety disorders come to the point of taking these drugs,
they are worn out. They already have a sick psychology when they decide to seek help.
they become. In addition to being taken late, many of these drugs have debilitating side effects.
Biotechnology scholar Dr. Jenny Tillotson, prolonged anxiety and bipolar mood
He says he is battling the disorder. Clinical studies have shown that essential oils and some fragrances
It has proven to have positive effects on anxiety. Tillotson, people
Whether they are aware of it or not, essential oils support people's psychological health.
states. Bipolar trigger, especially by using neroli (orange flower) in his own treatment process.
highly beneficial as it has the ability to fight a form of stress known to be
finds it. However, he underlined that the delay of this positive reaction is an important problem.
Tillotson seldom at the right moment for the moment of calm to affect mood in a timely manner.
says it happened. While searching for a solution on this issue for a long time, he asked himself the following question:
leads: I feel the physical symptoms of an impending stress attack, even if I am not consciously aware of it.
What if the symptoms could be detected by a sensor in my body? Even this
The signals are something that emits a personalized aroma that can calm me before an attack occurs.
if it can trigger the device? For many years, we went on these questions and made deep researches and studies.
After hard work, Tillotson developed a wearable system with this technology.
developed prototypes. A designer self-discovering mental health and well-being, biotech
Tillotson, who describes himself as an academic and entrepreneur, has recently received personalized and
dispensing an intelligent scent that is biologically synchronized to one's physical-sensory state
patented the method. This system, which he calls eScent, includes smart sensors. It
when sensors detect incipient increases in a person's stress and physical parameters,
they emit odor bubbles. In addition, the early warning indicators of the sensors are in the voice of the person.
changes and his own body odor. eScent, depending on the user's needs
It is a technology that emits odors with proven efficiency. The exciting part is that eScent
may be positioned on any of the clothing you are wearing. On your necklace, cufflink,
on your wrist, in your jacket pocket or in your tie, when you need it.
hidden sensors that can create a "smell bubble" around it! To be active at the right time
stress-related body odor, increased heart rate, or galvanic skin response (in some cases, skin
It provides the user with biometric data such as humidity and electricity increase seen on it. Moreover
Users can pre-program the area of ​​the scent balloons from their smartphones.
The most important features that kept our ancestors alive in the prehistoric period were their sensory abilities.
They could detect the slightest differences in smell, light, touch, and sound and detect danger.
Even their sensory appreciation tells them what foods to eat, when females
even when they lay eggs, what diseases they have, and when it's time to sow and reap.
taught. Contributing to their health with the herbal treatments they obtained by using the same abilities.
they were found. But as people of the modern world, there are countless dominant visual and auditory
We started to use our sense of smell insufficiently due to the sense of smell. This orphan is completely
We began to rely on data that offered certainty, even if we did not lose it. eScent is reliable and reliable to all of these.
offers innovative solutions.
Tillotson said that eScent is actually old information developed with new technologies.
that the traces of the use of aromatherapy can be traced back to 3500 years ago and that
the profoundly positive effects on our daily lives of being able to maintain our multi-sensory mastery.
argues it will. Time-tested but also greatly enhanced by modern technology
It aims to help millions of people by using developed natural resources.
This method and technology, which has already received numerous awards, has become a part of our daily lives.
can't wait for it to arrive!

When Aromatherapy Meets AI, Thrive Global, 2019
For patent and more technical information:

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