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Yanıklara Bağlı Ağrıları Aromaterapi İle Kontrol Altına Alın!


Burns are the result of uncomfortable and often traumatic accidents and injuries.
physically painful injuries. Patients who experience severe burns experience this pain.
describe it as the most severe pain. Burn pains are often associated with dressings on damaged skin.
caused by treatments to change it. Dressing change for most patients
applied daily. It is very critical to keep pain under control in these patients. Pain
There are various methods used for management. The most common of these are narcotic and
the use of non-narcotic drugs. The morphine in these pain relievers can cause nausea,
may cause side effects such as vomiting, dizziness, etc. So almost no side effects
complementary and
There is a high trend towards non-pharmacological methods. In addition, complementary therapies
It is said that it can reduce the amount of pain medication. Today, to reduce pain
Aromatherapy, which is a complementary method, has an important place in most countries compared to other methods.
extent used.
"Rosa damascena" (a rose variety), one of the aromatic plants used in aromatherapy
It is one of the most famous plants in garden history. Studies have shown that this plant has a palliative effect on sleep.
It has been reported to have anticonvulsant and relaxation properties. But r. damascena
In a study conducted in Iran, there are very few studies on the pain-relieving properties of inhalation
In this study, the effects of this plant on post-wound pain in burn patients.
examined. Iran Hamadan University of Medical Sciences Burns Besat Treatment and Training Center
Patients with second-degree or second- and third-degree burn wounds admitted to the
participated in the study as a participant and were randomly divided into two. intervention group aromatherapy
While receiving treatment, the control group did not.
The researchers used a two-stage questionnaire to collect data from the patients. In the first part, age
general questions about gender, the main cause of burns, and the depth and extent of burns.
The second stage was assessing pain intensity through a visual analogue (VAS).
Patients in the intervention group inhaled rose essential oil for 20 minutes for 2 days. Control
The same procedures were applied to those in the group, but only inhaled distilled water (placebo).
Pain intensity of all patients is 15th and 30th days after dressing once before dressing.
It was measured twice in minutes. Findings from the analysis, aromatherapy
showed a significant decrease in pain level in the control group compared to the control group.
Statistical testing revealed pain in the two groups at 15 and 30 minutes after treatment on the first and second days.
showed significant differences in severity. This case is made using rose essential oil.
that inhalation aromatherapy reduces pain in burn patients after wound dressing.
presented in an objective way.
Generally, the treatment of pain due to burns is more than repairing the damage to the skin in these patients.
It comes later and is not enough. These uncontrollable pains due to burns are anxiety,
Depression is also associated with other long-term conditions such as chronic pain. About this subject
In another study, the reason why the aromatherapy group got positive results is one of the reasons.
They mention that the reason is memory, which is a factor related to the effect of smells. fragrances
It triggers memories, allowing the person to review the details of events and feelings.
For example, for the research described here, the scent of rose essential oil was similar to that of the aromatherapy group.
may have prevented the increase in pain perception by causing patients not to focus on pain. It
With its effect, fragrances and essences can be preferred for pain management. All the researches
In these aspects, ''R. Aromatherapy using Damascena essential oils
their application as a moderately effective tool for relieving pain from burns.
they describe it as a nursing intervention!

The effect of inhalation aromatherapy with damask rose (Rosa damascena) essence on the
pain intensity after dressing in patients with burns: A clinical randomized trial, Iran J Nurs
Midwifery Res.

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