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Article: Glossary of Terms

Terimler Sözlüğü

Glossary of Terms

Adaptogen: Adaptive
Aphrodisiac: Increases sexual desire
Analgesic: Reduces the feeling of pain
Anxiety: Anxiety and anxiety disorder
Anorexia: Inability to take nutrients due to mental reasons
Antibacterial: Prevents bacteria from growing
Antidepressant: relieves depression
Anti-infectious: Prevents infection
Anti-inflammatory: Relieves inflammation
Antiphlogistic: Effective against inflammation and fever
Antifungal: Prevents fungal growth
Anthelmintic: Shedding intestinal parasites
Anticataral: Effective against colds
Anticoagulant: Prevents blood from clotting in the vein
Antimycotic: inhibits the growth of fungi
Antimicrobial: It stops the growth of microorganisms.
Antioxidant: Inhibits oxidation
Antioxic: Can neutralize toxins
Antiputresan: Acts against decay
Antirheumatic: Relieves symptoms associated with rheumatic conditions
Antiseborrheic: Removes excessive sebum secretion
Antiseborrheic: lubrication caused by excessive secretion of sebaceous glands
Antiseptic: Destroys microbes and prevents their growth
Antisclerotic: Prevents hardening of cell tissues
Antispasmodic: Prevents or relieves spasms, convulsions or contractions.
Antisudorific: Prevents sweating
Antitussive: relieves cough
Antivenom: Used against the effects of poison
Antiviral: Prevents virus reproduction
Arteriosclerosis: Focal calcification in the middle layers of the arteries
Astringent: shrinks or tightens tissues
Balsamic: Soothe sore throat, cough etc. soothes
Herbal drug: The part of the medicinal plant used for therapeutic purposes
Herbal medicine: Herbal material or preparations prepared from this material.
medicinal products containing active substances
Decongestant: Reduces congestion caused by fluids such as mucus
Dementia: Memory loss and personality deterioration
Deodorant : traps unpleasant odor
Depurative: Cleansing, detoxifying
Dermatitis: skin inflammation
Disinfectant: It kills microbes or stops their reproduction.
Digestive: Helps digest food
Diuretic: It ensures the removal of excess water in the body.
Diaphoretic: Promotes sweating
Expectorant: It ensures the removal of mucus from the body.
Emanagogue: Triggers or regulates menstruation
Emollient: Soothes and softens the skin
Erythema: Red color of the skin, redness due to inflammation
Febrifuge: antipyretic agent
Phytoestrogen: Plant-derived estrogen
Phlebitis: Inflammation of the vein
Photosensitivity: Sensitivity to light
Galactagogue: Provides the flow of breast milk, milk enhancer
Geriatric: Related to the care and treatment of the elderly
Glactogen: Milk enhancer
Hemostatic: Stops blood flow
Hepatic: affects the liver
Hypertensive: raises blood pressure
Hypotensive: lowers blood pressure
Hyptonic: soothing effect
Immunomodulator: Immune system regulator
Immunostimulant: Immune system stimulant
Immunosuppressive: Immunosuppressant
Immunostimulant: Stimulates the immune system
Calmative: sedative, calming agent
Cardiootonic: Increases the strength of the heart
Carminative: Relieves bloating, relieves abdominal pain and bloating
Cholagogue: Promotes the discharge of bile from the gallbladder and ducts.
Lactacative: Helps to get rid of feces from the intestines
Mastalgia: Breast pain
Myocardium: muscle layer of the heart
Mucolytic: Breaks up mucus
Nervine : Affects nerves; relieves nervous disorders
Neuralgia: Nerve pain
Osteoporosis: Decrease in bone tissue
Parenteral: Intravenous
Pectoral: Beneficial for chest and respiratory system diseases
Placebo: A non-medicine substance that is given to the patient instead of the real drug.
Prophylactic: Preventing disease
Regenerative: The tendency to regenerate
Restorative: Strengthens and revitalizes the body's systems
Rubefian: Irritant that causes redness on the skin
Sedative: Relieves psychological and physical activity
Cicatrization: Promotes scar tissue formation, thereby promoting wound healing
Circulator: Promotes blood and lymph flow
Cytophylactic: Promotes cell regeneration so it heals
Soporific: Induces sleep or tends to arouse
Spasmolytic: Relieves smooth muscle spasm
Stimulant: Increases the overall function of the body
Stomachic: It is good for the stomach; stomach tonic, digestive aid
Sudorific: Promotes sweating
Tachycardia: Increased heart rate
Thermogenic: Stimulates heat production
Tonic : Revitalizes, refreshes, restores the body and body functions
Uterus: womb
Vasodilator: Any agent or drug that causes blood vessels to dilate
Vasodilator: dilates blood vessels
Vermifuge: expels intestinal worms
Vulnerari: Heals wounds by external application

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