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Ağrı Ve Anksiyete: Klinik Aromaterapi Çözümü


Integrative health combines both standard/traditional and complementary approaches.
The use of integrative health practices is increasing. Standard treatment
One of the noteworthy complementary treatments besides the procedures is aromatherapy. Volatile
Aromatherapy, in which oils are used for healing purposes, has been for many years, primarily to relieve pain.
It is used to relieve a wide variety of symptoms and support general health.
Clinical aromatherapy has become a part of nursing in many countries. Clinic
Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for measurable results. Many essential oils
Its effects on various symptoms have been demonstrated by scientific studies and articles.
Many of the drugs used in pain management contain opioids. "Opioid, morphine in the body
are chemical substances that act like
provides at least one non-pharmacological pain treatment in addition to procedures. Thus the opioid
They are following strategies to reduce the use and side effects of opioids. pain experience
It is highly personal and can happen wherever the patient says. According to researchers, pain is "real"
as ''an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with potential tissue damage or
being defined. Pain can be psychological as well as physical because anxiety and pain are mutually exclusive.
triggers constantly in a vicious circle.
In 2019, in the US state of Virginia, aromatherapy was added to the pain procedures of hospitals.
In addition, a study was conducted on how it works. in an acute care hospital
Eligible patients receiving treatment were included as participants in this study. duty nurses
When the patient complained of pain, he first evaluated the degree of pain and anxiety, then
Administered standard pain relievers. (Measured using EHR- electronic health record-)
At the end of 60 minutes following this process, the level of pain and anxiety was re-evaluated.
If the patient's pain score decreased, no other intervention was performed. But the pain still continues
If so, aromatherapy was applied to the patient. Aromatherapy application instead of diffuser
Made with an aromatherapy stick containing a mixture of frankincense, lavender, and blue cypress. Then again
After 60 minutes, pain and anxiety scores were evaluated again.

Figure 1: Aromatherapy stick

According to the results obtained, patients have both pain and anxiety after receiving aromatherapy.
scores had dropped. This study demonstrates that aromatherapy is combined with standard medical care.
has been shown to be an effective way to reduce pain and anxiety scores. Anxiety
Since the state of anxiety or anxiety will trigger pain, these two parameters should be evaluated together.
It is important. A decrease in both factors is a useful and holistic component of aromatherapy.
It is an indication of the approach.

Figure 2: Pain and anxiety assessment chart of the research (Holistic Nursing Practice33)
(6): 346-353, November / December 2019)

Effects of Aromatherapy on Pain and Anxiety Scores in Adult Patients Admitted to a
Community Hospital on the Medical Unit or Telemetry Unit A Pilot Study, Holistic Nursing
Aromatherapy stick:

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