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Aroma Tabletler: Bir Aromaterapi Çözümü


Jennifer Hood was working as a pre-anesthesia nurse manager at a hospital.
A solution to patients' pre-operative anxiety and post-operative nausea
He was using aromatherapy. In addition, aromatherapy into the operating room environment.
He was looking for ways to carry it. Previously, they added essential oil to cottons and made it for their patients.
was taping his clothes. But this was an inadequate and non-sterile solution because the banded cotton
most of the time, it was falling off and there was a risk of oil getting on the skin of the patient or staff.
Thereupon, Jennifer researched the products on the market that she could use for this purpose. These products
all of them contained foil in their packages and electrical equipment (cautery, etc.)
they could burn if used. Unable to find a solution, Jennifer produced the product that would meet all her demands.
He decided to develop himself. It produced ''Elequil aromatabs'' in 2012.

This product can be easily adhered to patients' clothes and soaked up essential oils for hours.
It allowed them to breathe. 100% pure essential oils were integrated into it. Each
The tablet contained a consistent amount of oil and offered a controlled aromatherapy session.
It was suitable for use in all patients, but especially those who cannot hold a product or have motor skills.
provided extra ease of use for impaired patients. The most important products on the market
The difference was that it was suitable for use in a clinical setting. Both the oils in it are liquid.
it did not protrude and did not contain metal or foil. Even when the patient is discharged
continued to be used for convenience. At first, to relieve the patient's anxiety and
It was used in patients who were going to have an MRI to complete the scan. more
then to soothe nausea, calm the patient, improve sleep, relieve pain
It can even be used for many different purposes, such as energizing staff working long shifts.
Jennifer's now offers to all her patients before surgery or any worrying operation.
and even to the relatives of the patients waiting outside the operating room.
had a solution! The product had multiple fragrance options, so it had a person-centered care.
made it possible.
For those who were worried, tablets containing lavender-sandalwood essential oils were used. 24 hours
was suitable for use. In addition to relaxation and relaxation, it also promoted sleep. Operation
An orange-mint mixture was given to patients who experienced nausea after postpartum period. Patients are a
they were able to use the tablet for 8 hours, so they were relieved and relieved of their nausea.
This tablet could also be preferred as an energizer. A few more options like this
there was.

Elequil aromatabs are briefly described as a simple nursing intervention that can be offered to the patient immediately.
are defined and are now used in all areas of the hospital to improve the patient experience.
in term care facilities, dental practices, or other healthcare settings
is being used. Thus, all the worrisome processes of the hospital environment that can be thought of
It offers the perfect aromatherapy solution!

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