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Aromaterapi Kabini


You return home after a tiring day. Basil sprouting at the bottom of the side wall catches your eye as you rush down the sidewalks. You lean over it, but it doesn't smell. When you stretch out your hands and rub the plant into your palms, you feel that fresh scent and your face is smiling. You continue to walk, smelling your hands, in order to breathe a little more into the effect left on your palms.

So what's actually going on? Basil thinks that he has faced a physical attack and his defense mechanism takes action. Thus, it begins to secrete that odor that gives us pleasure from the endocrine glands. While you are inhaling that scent that has been pressed to your face with your hands, the scent molecules reach your limbic system directly with the olfactory nerves, without going through the Thalamus, unlike other senses. In this way, it helps to balance your hormones and improve your senses. Basil and many herbs use the scent to protect themselves from harmful environmental factors. This essence, which keeps the plant alive and protects it, actually has the same effect on us. Essential oils obtained by extracting plant extracts secreted from endocrine or exocrine glands by various methods actually serve as a source for a science that serves our natural balance: Aromatherapy!

Although the relaxing and therapeutic properties of aromatherapy have been used since ancient times, we can now base it on science and prove its effects. For example, an article published in the British Journal of General Practice states that aromatherapy has a mild, temporary anxiolytic effect. In addition, aromatherapy is recognized as a legal part of patient care by the US State Boards of Nursing.

These oils, which are different from each other but have holistic effects when combined, are determined according to the needs of the person and presented as a strong concentrate of many volatile substances. When the person smells this mixture directly or spreads it to the environment with the help of a diffuser, holistic healing takes action to help regulate the person's biological rhythm. In addition to the ability of aromatherapy to activate neurochemicals, its pharmacological effects are among its known and observed properties today. While the mixture prepared for you relieves your psychic pain, it can also be good for your nasal discharge. Contrary to popular belief, aromatherapy does not only serve your mental senses, but also considers the soul and the body as a whole.

This unique science, combined with technology, may appear in different dimensions in the future. For example, we can meet a device that can compress the plant extracts we need into elastic and small capsules. When we take this capsule between our two fingers and burst it, essential oils can surround us and our skin. Or, instead of asking for the mixture we need from a pharmacist or aromatherapy specialist, we can ask an artificial intelligence. This artificial intelligence can be included in the system of an aromatherapy cabin where we can relax, stretch our feet and listen to music. While entering this cabin, we may encounter a screen that asks us questions to determine our needs, not the door handle. When we go inside, we can breathe the healing concentrate diffused from the ventilation of the cabin, accompanied by music suitable for our soul. Thus, with the stimuli reaching our limbic system, our brain frequencies have been regulated, we can leave the cabin in a state of healing and rested. Moreover, these booths may begin to be found on the streets, at any point we can reach. You return home after a tiring day. As you rush down the sidewalks, an aromatherapy cabin catches your eye at the foot of the side wall…


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