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Aromaterapi Masajı Ve Taşıyıcı Yağlar


Massage therapy has been used for centuries in relation to care and wellness. Classical massage; hit,
movements such as kneading, rubbing, tapotement and shaking
Relaxing effect on the skin, connective tissue, adipose tissue and indirectly the internal organs.
is an approach. Including additional ingredients such as essential oils in the massage to enhance this effect.
and thus the massage results in therapeutic, curative effects.
is called. The effects of essential oils used in aromatherapy are multifaceted. Various
calms, relieves pain, reduces stress, thanks to essential oils or essential oil blends,
It supports immunity, provides body-mind balance. Many studies have been done,
positive results of essential oils used in aromatherapy for different symptoms.
has reported.
When classical massage and aromatherapy massage are compared, aromatherapy massage is higher.
It has been determined that pharmacological drugs have a pain-relieving effect at a high rate.
in some cases where it is not recommended (when there are various risks of side effects due to drugs, etc.)
recommended for use. Antioxidant such as ginger, rosemary, sage, juniper
Aromatherapy massage with essential oils that have special properties and improve lymph circulation.
It is also recommended to be used to increase the effects of lymphatic massage. lymph circulation
thanks to the proper functioning of the internal organs and the proper removal of wastes from the body.
is provided. A strong lymph circulation provides a strong immunity.
Aromatherapy massage, the beneficial effects of touching with the right moves, the healing effects of essential oils.
and general health-supporting properties. About 15-30 in professional massage
drop of essential oil is mixed with 50 ml of vegetable oil. Which essential oils
It is determined by the symptoms of the person to whom it will be used. Vegetable oil as well as essential oil selection
Its use is also very important because essential oils dissolve in natural vegetable oils.
should be applied. In this way, essential oils that need to be used in small amounts can be used in a wider body.
facilitates its distribution. In addition, the contact between the hands of the chiropractor and the skin of the patient
heals and provides nourishing properties. Because of these properties, herbal oils are used in aromatherapy.
It is also called carrier oils because it acts as a carrier in massage.

carrier oils,
they should dissolve essential oils well and be odorless. Carrier oils; essential fatty acids, in oil
It is very rich in soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) and other bioactive components. It
It has properties such as moisturizing, regenerating, anti-wrinkle antioxidant, protective.
has. Olive, sesame, sesame oil are the most commonly used carrier oils in aromatherapy massage.
sunflower, jojoba, sweet almond, wheat germ, grape seed and peach oils.

olive oil
The external use of olive oil affects skin elasticity and protects it from UV rays. Last done
Studies have shown that olive oil contains not only fatty acids, but also naturally found in human skin.
substances (copherols, phytosterols, phospholipids and squalene) and the skin
proven positive effects. Olive oil with soothing and moisturizing effects
It is also used in the treatment of cracks as it nourishes dry and destroyed skin layers.

Sesame oil
It is included in many pharmaceutical and cosmetic products because of the bioactive components it contains.
Studies have shown that relieving pain in patients with migraine, knee osteoarthritis and burns.
positive effect of sesame oil in external application with other herbal extracts for the purpose of
effects have been confirmed. An effective moisturizer and sunscreen for dry and sensitive skin.
is the protector. Thanks to its intense softening feature and rapid absorption by the skin
It has been one of the most preferred herbal oils for massages.

Sunflower oil
Sunflower oil is obtained from sunflower seeds. Strengthens the skin's protective barrier
accelerates healing, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Sunflower oil is not comedogenic
Does not clog skin pores. For this reason, it is suitable for dry and sensitive skin as well as oily and acne-prone skin.
can also be used. In a study, sunflower oil-based massages in infants
improves uptake and functions of the skin barrier that contributes to somatic growth.
found to improve.

Jojoba oil
Derived from jojoba seeds, jojoba oil is a natural source of wax esters. both
Moisturizing, protective, smoothing for dry and sensitive skin as well as acne-prone skin.
used as. In addition, thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects, acne, dandruff, sunburns are also included.
It is also used as a therapeutic for burns and hard-to-heal wounds.

sweet almond oil
Sweet almonds have been cultivated for years for both nutritional and pharmaceutical use.
Various substances (phenolic acid and
flavonoids) show probiotic properties. External use may lead to excessive dehydration of the skin.
protects against It is well absorbed by the skin and is very beneficial for extremely dry and damaged skin.

wheat germ oil
Wheat germ oil is used in different industries such as food, medicine, cosmetics. other herbal
It is the oil with the highest tocopherol content compared to other oils. Tocopherols, E
fat-soluble, with vitamin activity and many different functions in the body
are antioxidants. Wheat germ oil is often used in refreshing creams and masks.

grape seed oil
Grape seed oil strengthens the epidermal barrier, accelerates tissue regeneration,
supports recovery. Psoriasis, diaper dermatitis in infants, burns, bedding
Used for wounds or dandruff. Formation of comedones (small pimples without inflammation)
It is recommended for normal and oily skin.
As a carrier in aromatherapy massage, it affects the composition and consistency of sebum, oil
It is especially normal and healthy, as it normalizes the function of the glands and prevents the formation of comedones.
Recommended for oily skin.

peach oil
The acid content of peach oil is similar to olive oil and sweet almond oil. easily by the skin
absorbed, softens the epidermis and smoothes the skin layer. Since it does not irritate the skin,
It is suitable for skin type and for all age groups, including children. Especially milk, lotion, massage
It is included in the ingredients of the creams.
As a result, herbal oils have an important place in aromatherapy massage.
Preferring the application according to the skin type of the person to be treated may increase its beneficial effects.
Most biologically active substances are soluble in vegetable oils. That's why aromatherapy
It contributes to the massage by using it as a carrier of essential oils in massages.

The use of carrier oils in aromatherapy massage and their effect on skin, 2018

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