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Aromaterapinin Metabolik İncelemesi


Aromatherapy, including mood improvement, pain relief, and regulating cognitive function
essential oils derived from aromatic plants for various applications.
is use. One of these applications is inhalation, that is, the smell of the person's environment.
is to be released and exhaled. The mechanism of action of this application is the volatile odor
It begins with the absorption of molecules through the nasal mucosa. Then odor molecules
reaches the receiving bulb and the limbic system of the brain. sense of smell at the base of the brain
turns into chemical signals going to the center of
cause psychological effects.
Numerous studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of aromatherapy on mood and relaxation.
demonstrating the effectiveness of aromatherapy in the treatment of medical conditions, as well as
There are also studies. A 2013 study found that aroma inhalation
revealed its metabolic effects. In this study, it was exposed to the diffusion of aromas from the air.
metabolic changes in the urine of 31 participants with residual mild anxiety symptoms
examined. Participants attended 45-minute aromatherapy sessions for 10 days and this
In the process, they were fed with lighter foods. Urine samples exposed to essential oil inhalation
collected before the stay and at the end of ten days. The samples were subjected to many tests and
analyzes were made.
Gastrointestinal symptoms are associated with anxiety. First finding after 10 days
showed that the anxiety of the participants decreased. Also, with aroma inhalation in urine
different metabolites that are stimulated and contain a number of carbohydrates, alcohols, organic acids and amino acids
(product of metabolism) was detected. One of the interesting findings in these analyzes is that
aromas of reduced carbohydrates in the urine, which are critically involved in metabolic perturbation.
that it was due to inhalation. Carbohydrates have anti-anxiety effects
has *. Significant reduction of carbohydrate levels in the urine, aromatherapy
was due to its curative effects on anxiety. with us in our body
There are countless living microorganisms. All of these microorganisms are called microbiota and
They are mostly found in our intestines. The microbiota is diverse, from the digestive system to the immune system.
plays an important role. Metabolic variations of urinary excretion of many aromatic compounds,
provides indirect information about the activity of the intestinal microbiota. The results of this study,
essential oil for 10 days of metabolites involved in intestinal microbe metabolism
showed a significant decrease after exposure to inhalation.
Metabolic changes in a body exposed to essential oils
This research, in which the research is examined, aims to understand the mechanism of aromatherapy from a different window.
makes a contribution. Often times, knowing how something works can make you feel safe and more
It is important for efficiency. The metabolic journey of aromatherapy outside the nervous system
Researching and learning how it works in the world offers a new perspective to users.
Thanks to ongoing clinical research, this perspective looks set to multiply exponentially.
Thus, both individuals and societies not only use aromatherapy but also
They can also learn how systems benefit from it. I think this is top quality.
It is as important as being able to perform an aromatherapy session!

Assessing the Metabolic Effects of Aromatherapy in Human Volunteers, Hindawi
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