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Aromaterapinin Nikotin Aşermesi Üzerindeki Etkileri


Smoking is the leading cause of preventable deaths worldwide. From behavioral techniques
from various drugs (nicotine patch, nicotine gum, mouth spray, etc.)
There are many ways to help quit. But smoking cessation therapy is traditional
is not considered part of medical treatment, and most health insurance companies do not qualify for such treatment.
not paying. Many smokers try to manage this process on their own.
Aromatherapy, relieving various symptoms and well-being through aromatic essences
It is also widely used by health professionals and massage therapists to increase
It is complementary therapy. In addition, individual use of aromatherapy in the home environment is possible.
It is also easy for those who do not prefer to receive support during the smoking cessation process.
It is a technique you can apply. Considering all these, which volatile
Various studies have been conducted on the use of oils for this purpose. Former
Studies have shown that essential oils commonly include angelica (norwegian angelica) and black pepper.
showed that the oil reduced nicotine craving. Another study uses these two essential oils.
he was comparing. The researchers divided the participants into two groups of ten: one group of nicotine needs.
feeling, while the other group received an inhalation aromatherapy session with angelica oil, the other group black pepper
received inhalation aromatherapy with oil. All participants were at least four times in a 24-hour period.
consisted of smokers. The study lasted for 2 months, and during this period, the participants' nicotine
Frequencies and continuities were recorded. In addition, participants regularly request and wait.
They filled out various questionnaires about their duration.
Participants' nicotine cravings were assessed on a scale that assigns scores from 0 to 10.
(0 = no cravings, 10 = irresistible cravings requiring immediate gratification).
Participants were not asked to refrain from smoking. When they feel the urge to smoke
scoring it according to the determined scale, then breathing the given essential oil for 2 minutes
and they were asked to reevaluate the same scale.
Analysis of all these data collected from the participants for 2 months
proved to be effective in reducing cravings. Smoking of the group using black pepper essential oil
There was a greater reduction in cravings for drinking. On the other hand, using angelica essential oil
It was observed that the group waited longer to light a cigarette after aromatherapy.
The researchers are promising despite the small sample size of the study.
they say it is. In addition, an unexpected result occurred while the study was in progress.
Although participants were not asked to quit or try smoking, three
The participant (two from the black pepper and one from the angelica group) stopped smoking completely. It
participants were contacted for 10 weeks after the study ended, and none of them were repeated.
It was learned that he did not start smoking.
Both essential oils in nicotine craving and after aromatherapy to smoking
had a positive effect on the extension of the elapsed time. Researchers with a larger sample
taking into account parameters such as social factors, personal flavor preferences, alcohol habits,
While considering the repetition of the study necessary to obtain more detailed data, the study
state that they find the results promising.

The Effects of Aromatherapy on Nicotine Craving on a US Campus: A Small Comparison
Study- Complementary Medicine, 2013

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