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Aromaterapinin Teknolojik Hali


While researches on the effectiveness of aromatherapy and its usage areas are increasing rapidly, aromatherapy
does not hesitate to keep up with the modern age. New aromatherapy with technology
Many products that offer solutions are offered to the market. Integration of aromatherapy into technology,
It is very effective for the current generation who feel the effects of a busy and stressful life.
produces quality products. Whether it improves air quality or adapts to one's scent preferences.
oscillate according to the results, these aromatherapy solutions increase the well-being of users.
proven. Portable or enveloping the whole space, relaxing or cleaning, completely different.
There are a few products consisting of blending the sense of smell with technology that serve different purposes.
Let's take a look together.

USB Aroma Diffuser

A USB keychain that releases essential oil when connected to a computer! Moreover, as a kit
Aroma-Crystal USB sold with cartridges containing different oils and easily replaceable
is offered. Micro fine aromatic vapor release for hours as long as this device is plugged into USB
he can.


This product is a product for brands and advertisers. Visual and audio in your ads
Wouldn't you like to add a scent unique to your brand to the items? aropromo,
produces fragrances according to your brand and the content of your advertisement. This fragrance into a battery powered device
and can adjust the size of the device according to your ad space. Thus, a large
You can integrate it into a billboard or a small store screen. In this way
makes your message that you want to convey to your audience more memorable.

Ultrasonic Diffuser

Using heat while spreading the aroma can cause the plant to lose its healing properties.
Likewise, burning a dry herb directly can cause undesirable scattering of toxic substances into the air.
opens. This electrically powered diffuser splits the aroma into very fine particles and creates a mist without heat.
as spreading. Moreover, despite its small size, it can reach up to 75 square meters.


Fragrance is not just about air quality or relaxation. This sense can also be used for many different purposes.
available. The most common outcome of dementia is weight loss. in England
Studies have shown that 45% of people with dementia are significantly worse after diagnosis.
showed that they lost weight and 50% did not eat enough. ODE, dementia
familiar food at mealtimes three times a day to encourage patients to eat
emits odors. Thus, while reminding them of meal times, they also whet their appetite.
aims. It is the only one whose receptors connect directly to the limbic system and control emotional responses.
Our sense is smell. Smell is so inextricably linked with memory.
that's the reason. Why did the ODE's designers drive such a sensation to dementia patients' appetites?
They set out thinking that we would not use it to trigger it. The most critical issue here
fragrance is personal. Imagine you're a vegetarian exposed to the smell of bacon!
That's why ODE includes three menus, each with three different food flavors. manufacturers fragrance
says its range is unlimited and may expand over time. Test done
studies show that 50% of people using ODE have their weight stabilized!

Aroma Installation: Aura Scenting

Although there is a market full of small diffusers for aromatherapy use, Aura Scenting
eliminating the afterthought and making it an integral part of the home
is designed for. A kind of aroma installation! As well as being offered as a complete home system
Besides, a portable version is also available that distributes the fragrance in a single room. Aura Scenting
looks like it will become a favorite part of innovative home architectures!
Whichever method you prefer, from the simplest to the most complex, aromatherapy is for you.
it will provide a solution worth trying and effective!

Ultrasonic Diffuser:
Aura Scenting:

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