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Ergenlik Çağındaki Strese Aromaterapi Müdahalesi


The inevitable problem of adolescence is undoubtedly stress. Both adolescence
Hormonal changes as well as environmental factors trigger this stress. High in school setting
Conditions such as success expectation, family pressure, friendship relations are caused by environmental factors.
are some. Most of the adolescents cope with this stress because it is mostly caused by the external environment.
They have difficulty getting out and may face both long-term and short-term negative consequences.
The most appropriate measure of the response to stress is our autonomic nervous system. autonomic nervous system
It consists of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves. Stress is associated with HRV (heart rate variability).
causes changes in the activity of nerves. In addition, HRV stress response
exercise stress stimulation (treadmill), a method used to evaluate
It is a successful indicator that is also used for measurement.
Aromatherapy is a kind of supplement that improves many symptoms through essential oils.
is the treatment. Previous studies have shown that aromatherapy by inhalation
shown to affect the autonomic nervous system. This effect; physical, mental and emotional
It is an indication that health can be improved with aromatherapy. Released in April 2021
a fairly recent study of the effect of aromatherapy on adolescent stress levels
used the above-mentioned method to investigate. have different stress levels
The effect of aromatherapy on autonomic nervous system activity in adolescents.
evaluated according to the data recorded before and after the effect.
The application stages of the research were control (without essential oil), pure essential oil (sandalwood)
oil) and blended essential oil (with a mixture of sandalwood and lavender)
separated into the group. Thus, the obtained data could be compared. Each participant is different.
was included in these sessions with rankings. The flow of the application is primarily sitting for 15 minutes.
rest, then measure HRV measurements on a treadmill without incline and
included walking at normal walking speed and HRV measurements. Then the participants
They were asked to rest for 15 minutes and during this time, sandal or sandal lavender according to the session they were in.
They received aromatherapy. Finally, HRV measurements after the aromatherapy session
done. Apart from these measurements, getting to know the participants better and their stress levels
Demographic questionnaires and stress inventories were used to assess Period
After completion and analysis of all collected data, the sandalwood-lavender mixture
It has been seen that it helps to relieve stress by regulating the autonomic nervous system. It
regulation, decrease in sympathetic nervous system activity, parasympathetic nervous system
was an increase in activity. This means that the relaxation associated with essential oil aromatherapy
was proof. In addition, this essential oil mixture is one of the sub-parameters of heart rate variability.
This result increased the emotional stress of sandal-lavender aromatherapy.
shows its effectiveness in mitigation. This is the emotional changes experienced by adolescents.
and is a highly efficient solution for precision.
In the stress levels of the group receiving lavender aromatherapy, sandal-lavender aromatherapy group
Less reduction was observed compared to the group. Both sandalwood and lavender essential oil
Although it promotes a sense of relaxation and calm, essential oils create synergy when combined.
and increase their efficiency. Determining which essential oils to use together
It is important. The research shows that when sandalwood and lavender are used together,
determined its advantage and made a new contribution to the procedure.

Effect of aromatherapy on autonomic nervous system regulation with treadmill exercise induced
stress among adolescents, April 2021

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