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Endoskopik Anksiyete Yönetiminde Aromaterapi


An instrument with a small camera at the end for the examination of diseases of the digestive system.
The process of examining the esophagus, stomach and intestines with the help of a device is called endoscopy.
Most of the time, although narcosis is applied before endoscopy, it causes anxiety in patients. It
The condition is referred to as endoscopic anxiety in the literature. Before treatment procedures
Eliminating the patient's anxiety is one of the important duties of nurses. For this they use
One of the methods is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy and protection and support of general health
volatile extracts obtained from aromatic plants for the improvement of various symptoms as well as
It is a complementary therapy that includes the use of oils. Most used essential oil in aromatherapy
One of the oils is lavender oil. Lavender essential oil stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, heart
It provides relaxation by reducing the rate of fire, breathing and blood pressure. One last year
aromatherapy by inhalation of lavender essential oil
In this study, the effect of the application on the anxiety levels of the patients before the endoscopy was examined. determined
70 patients in the endoscopy department of the hospital were divided into two groups (intervention-placebo).
was included in the study. A proven method to determine the anxiety levels of patients
anxiety inventory was used. This inventory consisted of 20 items to be answered by the patients.
Lavender aromatherapy was given to patients in the intervention group one hour before the endoscopy.
Done. Patients did not know which group they were in and were neutral to those in the placebo group.
The same session was applied with a (non-aromatic) oil. Soybean oil as placebo oil in this study
bean oil is preferred. Thus, the data to be obtained at the end of the study will be aromatherapy.
or whether it was psychological in origin. Aromatherapy sessions lasted 30 minutes. All
Before and after the sessions, all patients completed the anxiety inventory and all data were analyzed.
was done.
Results from these data are relevant to inhalation aromatherapy with lavender essential oil.
showed a decrease in the endoscopic anxiety scores of the participating patients. placebo
group, there was a significant difference before and after the session with soybean oil.
not recorded. No side effects from aromatherapy were observed in any of the patients. both suitable
It can reduce anxiety before a stressful procedure such as endoscopy due to its cost and non-invasiveness.
as a reliable and easily applicable method that can be used to manage
The effectiveness of aromatherapy was observed in this study.

The Effect of Lavender Essential Oil Aromatherapy on the Anxiety of Endoscopy Candidates:
A Clinical Trial, Iran Journal of Nursing,2020

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