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Kalp Ameliyatı Geçiren Hastalarda Aromaterapi Uygulaması


According to the data of the World Health Organization, the highest death rate is 31% in developing countries.
The most common diseases are cardiovascular diseases. 30,000-40,000 people heart heart disease every year
is undergoing surgery. Prognosis is about whether a disease will improve or not.
medical prediction. Some of the important factors affecting the prognosis in cardiac surgery
anxiety and pain level of the patient, whether he/she has experienced severe stress, preoperative and
postpartum physical or psychological symptoms. So much for post-operative complications
Although there are many pharmacological options, renal failure, bleeding risk, long-term
It is used in some cases due to various side effects such as respiratory depression in the treatment.
not suitable. Instead, with the approval of physicians, some pharmacological
options that do not apply. One of them is aromatherapy! aromatherapy, volatile
The application of oils to support health. Inhalation aromatherapy
It has effects on the autonomic nervous system. Briefly, sympathetic nervous system activity and
It provides relaxation by reducing the adrenaline concentration.
Patients who had undergone any heart surgery felt anxiety and fear. These feelings are quite
It is normal, but it is important to keep it under control so that it does not rise to a high level.
Many studies have been conducted regarding the effect of aromatherapy on the anxiety of patients undergoing cardiac surgery.
research is available. Last year, a program called "Complementary Therapies in Medicine"
A meta-analysis reported by a literature review on this subject in the journal
published. This meta-analysis shows that inhalation aromatherapy has a significant impact on anxiety.
reported to be associated with a reduction
Some of the findings of the studies evaluated in the meta-analysis were as follows:
In the experiments performed, the intervention group compared to the control group (the group that did not receive aromatherapy)
(the group receiving aromatherapy) had significantly reduced pain levels. This is because essential oil
by stimulating some receptors in the olfactory system and, as a result, limbic
sending a message to the system. In response to pain, the limbic system releases some hormones (encephalin,
It produces endorphins and serotonin) resulting in relaxation and calmness. Inhalation aromatherapy
It was also very effective on the stress caused by cardiac surgery operations. Moreover
caused a slowdown in heart rate data but had a significant effect on blood pressure
It didn't happen. In addition, inhalation aromatherapy has positive effects on the sleep quality of people.
had effects. The most widely used and most intensely effective oil in the studies reviewed
It was lavender oil.
This meta-analysis is the first review of inhalation aromatherapy in cardiac surgery.
was to be. Consequently, inhalation aromatherapy
It was effective in reducing anxiety, pain and heart rate in patients. Researchers; risk of side effects
cost-effective, reduces the need for painkillers, and most importantly, has positive effects.
The use of this alternative approach, which has
They say that it will facilitate their processes until their exit.

The effect of inhalation aromatherapy in patients undergoing cardiac surgery: A systematic
review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials, Complementary Therapies in

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