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Kanser Tedavisinin Yardımcısı: Aromaterapi


One of the most important health problems of today's world is undoubtedly cancer and its derivatives.
According to the statistics of 2018, 1,762,450 new cancer cases were registered in the United States alone.
The most common type of cancer is known as breast cancer and the deadliest is known as lung cancer.
But no matter which one they're fighting, cancer patients will lower their quality of life.
He is facing various physical complications. Hair loss, nausea, vomiting, pain,
fatigue, loss of appetite and various psychological complications such as depression, anxiety
some of those. Despite the use of different therapies for treatment, this process of patients is minimal.
Surviving with complications and damage is in terms of both their own health and the efficiency of the treatment.
is of great importance. To this end, assisting the existing treatments of cancer patients and
Complementary therapies are recommended.
Aromatherapy is an increasingly popular treatment for various complications.
as a complementary medicine method. Aromatherapy, by topical or inhalation route
can be applied. In the inhalation method, essential oils obtained from aromatic plants,
diffuses into the air with a medium such as a diffuser. The olfactory receptors are then activated by the aromatic essence.
stimulated and absorbed through the nasal membrane, producing nerve impulses. This impulse passes through the nervous system.
reaches the limbic system of the brain, thus showing its physiological effects. In topical use
Through massage, aromatic oils are absorbed by the skin barrier within 10 to 40 minutes.
showing physiological effects.
Different studies have shown that inhalation and massage aromatherapy of cancer patients
complications of depression, pain, sleep disorders, stress, anxiety, nausea and vomiting.
It has been shown to be used to improve and improve the quality of life. From these studies
Between 1995 and 2019, 43 studies were conducted on 3239 cancer patients in 13 countries.
research has been systematically examined and the effect of aromatherapy on cancer patients
It was tried to determine the effect of eliminating the complications. The most common of all these patients
The complaints were anxiety, pain and quality of life. Of the aromatherapy methods, the most
Aromatherapy massage was used. The most preferred essential oil was lavender.
The results show that aromatherapy can relieve many symptoms, especially those listed above.
It has been determined that it is effective in alleviating, improving and eliminating. Analysis of the findings
The summary showed that aromatherapy improved the common complications of cancer patients.
Patients who receive long and painful treatments such as chemotherapy other than individual use
with suitable structures such as large scent diffusers or with multiple diffusers.
patients can be provided with the relaxing effects of aromas. Useful and low cost
In order to get the maximum efficiency from aromatherapy, which is a complementary treatment, nurses and
Periodic education of patients about the use and importance of aromatherapy is a part of their treatment.
can be made a part. Thus, the effects on patients to support their current treatment
An alternative, rapid and accessible therapy that has been proven over and over can be provided.

Effect of aromatherapy on cancer complications: A systematic review
-Complementary Medicine in Therapies, 2019

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