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Klinik Aromaterapi


Evaluating and managing the symptoms of hospitalized patients is the most important task of nurses.
one of its key responsibilities. These symptoms include pain, stomach problems and
Anxiety is coming. PONV (post-surgery), especially due to some drugs or treatments
nausea) is a problem faced by millions of people every year. Inpatient treatment for anxiety
It is common in most of the different patient groups who see it. Prevention of pain, PONV and anxiety
pharmacological methods, which have been used for a long time, both contain negative side effects
and often requires medication and hospitalization. Also, these drugs
The concept called "opioid addiction" is gradually increasing due to the "opioid" substance found in
It is a growing problem. Sometimes patients experience pain despite pharmacological treatment.
continues. Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO),
With non-pharmacological strategies in addition to standard pain care since 2015
emphasizes support. The use of aromatherapy, one of these methods, is hopeful with its effects.
It shows that he is a supportive supporter.
Clinical aromatherapy is the controlled use of essential oils from aromatic plants in a clinical setting.
is used as. Thus, during the patients' stay in the hospital, general
supports their well-being and helps to improve existing symptoms in a natural way.
Allina Health, a non-profit healthcare organization in the United States,
holistic nursing by creating an aromatherapy program for nurses
made it a part of his care. At the same time, inpatient treatment in a hospital setting
When a large number of nurses administer aromatherapy to patients, this can result in pain, PONV, and anxiety.
They began investigating its effects on their symptoms. Participants of the study Allina
Patients over the age of 18 who receive inpatient treatment in hospitals and clinics affiliated with Health.
consisted of. Essential oils of ginger, lavender, tangerine and sweet marjoram in aromatherapy and
various combinations of these were used. Both inhalation (inhalation) and topical (massage)
A large-scale study was carried out involving applications. Number of sessions attended by participants
varied according to the length of hospital stay.
Results of the research when aromatherapy is used in addition to pharmacological methods
has shown to be a highly effective treatment in improving many symptoms. aromatherapy
There was a statistically significant difference in the pain, nausea and anxiety scores of the patients after taking
decrease was observed. Aromatherapy in both pain management and postoperative nausea
This study, which proved its effectiveness on both anxiety symptoms and
It was an effective aid. In summary, aromatherapy, which is a therapeutic modality, is a holistic
as a part of nursing, it can be effective in different patient demographics.
and it provided extensive healing.

The effectiveness of nurse-delivered aromatherapy in an acute care setting, Complementary
therapies in Medicine, 2016

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