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Article: melissa essential oil

Melisa Esansiyel Yağı: Akut Kroner Sendrom Kaynaklı Akut Stresle Başa Çıkma

melissa essential oil

Acute coronary syndrome is the leading cause of death and emergency room admissions globally.
is coming. The vessels that feed the heart are called coronary arteries.
The obstruction that occurs in the blood flow is called acute coronary syndrome. to this situation
sweating, shortness of breath, nausea, chest pain and acute stress are also accompanied. In the emergency room
unknown medical equipment, various treatment procedures, critical condition of other patients
patients exposed to vision, sometimes lack of communication with health personnel, acute stress
they begin to live. This stress, which stimulates the HPA (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal) axis of the brain
condition causes myocardial ischemia. Myocardial ischemia means that the heart muscle does not receive enough oxygen.
obstacles. At the same time, chest pain reaches high levels with stress. stress factor
causes an increase in blood pressure and heart rate changes. All these reactions are sympathetic nervous
It shows the activation of the system and varies according to personal characteristics, just like emotions.
can show. Stress as acute stress causes increased cardiovascular mortality.
Cardiovascular reactions must be followed in the evaluation and management of the disease.
Both pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches for the management of acute stress
is applied. Pharmacological approaches mostly consist of tranquilizers such as anti-anxiety drugs.
occurs. However, these drugs lead to prolongation of the recovery phase and hospital stay.
can open. Using recommended aromatherapy essential oils from non-pharmacological methods
It is based on the management of various symptoms.
A study conducted in Iran in 2020 conducted using lemon balm essential oil.
stress and the aforementioned hemodynamics of aromatherapy in acute coronary patients.
revealed its effects on the reactions. Main components of Melissa
increases GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) activity in the brain. As a result, stress, anxiety
and factors such as depression. Especially in patients with a high level of anxiety,
It is effective in the treatment of related abnormalities and heart palpitations characterized as benign.
Another observed area of ​​effect of Melissa aromatherapy is emotional state and nightmares.
remedial activities.
A training program affiliated with Lorestan University of Medical Sciences in Khorramabad
Patients with acute coronary syndrome who applied to the cardiology emergency department of the hospital
was included as Approximately 20,000 patients with cardiovascular disease are admitted to this center each year.
is applying. Patients who meet the criteria for research 2 after the approval process
separated into the group. As in many studies, the experiment was one of the groups using lemon balm aromatherapy.
and the other with an oil that was determined as a placebo and did not have aromatic effects.
It was designed to follow the same procedures. This system is a "blinding" in academic research.
is called. The prepared placebo oil resembled lemon balm oil in appearance. Both
The oil was also placed in bottles of the same size and color, and the bottles were labeled A and B. But this
The labels were covered by a nurse who had no role in the research. Data analysis
tags were not disclosed until the end. Those who have a role in the research (nurses, data collector,
participants…) everyone was unaware of the contents of the bottles and the group separation. To the main sessions
to test the health of the participants' olfactory nerves before starting
Lemon juice was sniffed and patients who could not smell the odor were excluded from the study. Next
The first phase of the research has begun. This phase includes routine health care, bed rest and oxygen.
emergency care services such as treatment and follow-up of the hemodynamic status of patients.
included initiation. After that, the aromatherapy phase was started. 90 minute intervals
A 2-stage aromatherapy protocol lasting 10 minutes was applied. aromatherapy
Patients are comfortable under a cardiac monitor to monitor hemodynamic reactions during
They were lying in one position. Patients receive an absorbable oil whose essential oil is adhered to the oxygen mask.
they withered out of the patch. Chest pain of patients through the nurse monitor throughout the intervention,
recorded many clinical conditions such as unstable hemodynamic reactions, headache.
Apart from the cardiac monitor, various factors such as stress, chest pain, and threat perception are evaluated.
scales were also used as data collection channels. Feeling of threat, in hospitalized patients
It is directly related to the symptoms of cardiovascular-induced stress. These scales are various
repeated several times. After all this data has been collected and analyzed
The results obtained were compared to the acute stress experienced by the patients in the lemon balm group compared to the placebo group.
proved to be successful by a significant margin. According to the results, a particular
During the time period, stress and chest pain decreased simultaneously. This simultaneous action
The receptors reaching the receiving system transmit neural messages to the limbic system.
originates. Thus, the body produces serotonin, endorphins and ensalfins in response.
The person feels it as a deep relaxation and relaxation. Briefly, aromatherapy; heart,
the autonomic nervous system balance of tissues such as kidney and the blood level of hormones
It simultaneously reduces stress and cardiovascular reaction by providing changes in
can edit. In addition, in this study, the effects of lemon balm essential oil on the stress level were investigated.
its effect was at its highest at the beginning and continued at a decreasing rate. effect over time
did not end, but the level of influence decreased. Results like these are stress markers of essential oils.
It shows that it has periodic effects on it, not constant. So some oils are acute (short
while others are more effective on chronic (long-term) stress.
For this reason, the selection of the oil to be used in aromatherapy is very important and scientific articles
should be followed by At the same time, lemon balm essential oil can increase blood pressure and heart rate.
It also showed an effect depending on the time in the regulation of the data, such as the change in the data. This research
Thanks to this, it has been determined that both acute stress and acute stress in emergency service admissions of patients with acute coronary syndrome.
Combination of aromatherapy with lemon balm oil for both management and improvement of vital signs.
shown to be included in standard care.

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Effect of aromatherapy with Melissa essential oil on stress and hemodynamic parameters in
acute coronary syndrome patients: A clinical trial in the emergency department,
Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice Coronary Syndrome

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