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Pandemide Aromaterapinin Rolü


Covid-19 is one of our biggest global problems since 2019. The threat of Covid-19 and the pandemic are causing people all over the world to face many mental and physical challenges. Unfortunately, there are few drugs on the market with proven efficacy against the coronavirus and its complications. Although various vaccine studies continue, our fight against this virus will continue for a while as it will take time to vaccinate the entire population. The protagonist of this process for our body is indisputably our immune system. The immune system is a complex system that not only fights harmful pathogens, but also functions to maintain a healthy body. Various mental and physical ailments may limit the effects of this system. To eliminate this and to support the immune system, it may be a good solution to benefit from essential oils with known anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory), immunomodulatory (immune-enhancing), bronchodilator (drug group that widens the bronchi and increasing oxygen uptake) and antiviral (anti-virus-borne infection) effects for many years.

Table 1: Some useful air-purifying oils

Table 2: Some essential oils that can boost immunity or fight infectious organisms directly

The treatment list of essential oils is long, but differences in the dosage, application method and components of the oil may cause variation in the area of ​​effect and speed. Some oils have holistic effects, while others appeal to more specialized areas and situations. IFA (International Federation of Aromatherapists) recommends that essential oils to be used for infection should be chosen with holistic and physiological effects in order to get the most benefit. The aim mentioned here is not to cure the coronavirus, but to prevent coronavirus and reduce symptoms. Essential oils with certain qualities indirectly protect against Covid-19 by turning the body into an unsuitable environment against infectious organisms. It also contributes to the healing process by relieving symptoms in individuals who are already infected. For example, oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus, pine needle, juniper berry, which increase respiratory capacity, have expectorant and sterilizing properties, provide high potential support in the respiratory leg of virus treatment.

Another exciting property of essential oils is that pathogens are negatively affected by aromatic molecules. Viruses have been observed to resist only one aromatic molecule at a time. This is an indication that virus structures cannot resist against a number of essential oils. In addition, it also has negative effects on the reproduction/reproduction cycle of viruses. After all, plants secrete essential oils against countless microorganisms in the environment!

A healthy mind and psychology is directly related to the immune system, because an increase in the stress hormone or any emotional disorder will have a negative impact on the immune system's ability to detect pathogens. Therefore, regularly inhaling essential oils with refreshing or relaxing properties will be very useful for a clear mood. Rosemary against mental apathy; lavender against anxiety; Cardamom, basil or sage may be preferred for the mind and senses.

In August 2020, an article examining the effects of aromatherapy in the treatment of Covid-19 was published in a journal called "Nature Public Health Emergency Collection". Some viruses contain a viral nucleocapsid. The nuclocapsid carries the genetic material of the virus, consisting of RNA strands. Rod-like proteins (thorns) allow the virus to attach itself to the cell it will infect and leave its genetic material to replicate itself, that is, to reproduce. Viruses also have a viral membrane called envelope surrounding the nucleocapsid. According to this article, essential oils easily penetrate viral membranes due to their lipophilic structure and disrupt the envelope structure of the virus.

Picture 1: The structure of the coronavirus

Considering all this, it shows that plants come to our aid even in times when it is most difficult for us to survive. It would be wise to borrow essential oils secreted by plants for defense mechanisms for our own immune system to protect against many infections, especially Covid-19. In addition, the fact that aroma plants disrupt the structure of Covid-19 paves the way for various treatments.

(This article does not argue that essential oils kill Covid-19. Consult a doctor if you have any symptoms.)

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  • Picture 1: ​​– Global Nightmare
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