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Çocuklarda Diş Hekimi Korkusu Aromaterapi İle Yeniliyor


Fear of dentistry is a complication that should be managed in pediatric (0-18 years) patients.
was recorded as. Tooth that is constantly postponed or rejected due to fear and anxiety
treatment can cause serious problems in oral health. Also worried about getting a dental exam
It has been found that patients who hear are more sensitive to pain. That's why patients live
Managing anxiety is critical.
There are many factors that can create stress in a dental clinic, especially for younger patients.
For example, seeing needles, piercing sounds, the peculiar smell of some materials (cut
dentin, eugenol). Studies have shown that smells and odors are due to connections in brain structures.
showed that there is a strong connection between memories. Fear of dentistry
In one study, it was found that the smell of the practice is quite effective in increasing the degree of anxiety.
found. Patients who encode this odor as fear-inducing in their minds
they experience the same stress when they feel it. But this connection between memories and smells is just right.
The opposite is also true for cases. Thanks to the pleasant smells that provide calmness and relaxation, dental
It is possible to overcome anxiety. Aromatherapy is a complementary tool that does just that.
is the treatment. Today, contemporary and alternative treatment approaches such as aromatherapy
used in environments. Essential oils used in aromatherapy are simply beautiful.
It is not used to construct memories associated with scents. These essential oils smell
It reaches the central nervous system from its receptors and releases various hormones.
It affects physiological systems by supporting
The HPA axis (hypothalamic-pituitary axis) is affected by psychological stress. Like stress and pain
factors change the activity of the HPA axis by causing the secretion of cortisol. cortisol
It is released from the adrenaline cortex and spreads to all body fluids. body such as urine, saliva
detectable in liquids.
In 2011, a study was conducted with pediatric patients with fear of dentistry. It
In the study, aromatherapy with orange essential oil was applied for anxiety management and stress management.
indicators of the level of salivary cortisol and pulse were checked. Isfahan in Iran
30 children aged 6-9 years treated in the pediatrics department of the Faculty of Dentistry were included in the study.
were the participants. Children were divided into two groups and each child received two treatments. First treatment of a group
did not contain any fragrance (control); The second treatment is with orange essential oil.
included aromatherapy (intervention). The other group followed the same procedure in the reverse order.
performed. By measuring the heart rate of the children before the treatment and at the end of the treatment
was recorded. For the determination of cortisol level, saliva from children before and after treatment
samples were taken. Children's concerns before and after each dentist appointment
salivary cortisol level and pulse rate were evaluated. All samples taken are analyzed
conclusions were drawn and compared. The results of the study are that the use of aromatherapy
It reduces the cortisol level and pulse rate, thus reducing the stress factor that causes fear.
showed a reduction. Dental treatments received by children (oral prophylaxis and fissure sealant)
It was painless, so any change in salivary cortisol and pulse rate should be considered painless.
It was an indication that it was a result of stress. Anxiolytic (anxiety and
It has a fear-relieving effect. Volatile molecules of the oil when children inhale this scent
reaches the lungs and quickly penetrates the blood. Thus, the systemic circulation (circulatory system
causes brain activation through Not only that, smell
Fat molecules that reach the brain by binding to its receptor provide a response.
Like the amygdala and hypothalamus, where olfactory perception, hormone release and emotion level are controlled
It is thanks to this response that it reaches the limbic system regions and creates an effect. So saliva
cortisol and heart rate decrease following aromatherapy.
Dental treatment in children thanks to the anxiolytic effect of orange essential oil
It is possible to overcome the fear with the aromatherapy approach. In this way, both children
Older patients can protect their oral health without interruption and also in adulthood.
they do not develop a phobia that follows them.

Effect of aromatherapy with orange essential oil on salivary cortisol and pulse rate in
children during dental treatment: A randomized controlled clinical trial, Advanced
Biomedical Research

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