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Robotik Aroma Cihazı: Karar Yetisine Sahip Bir Difüzörle Tanışın!


You run up to the elevator. You raise your wrist to look at your watch, luckily
there is still time. Your feet go backwards as you press the button for the elevator. Dentist
You haven't liked their dates since you were a kid. This time there was no escape, to consult
You had already arrived. You put on your galoshes and go to the waiting room. Appointment times each
it hangs as usual, and the outdated magazines on the coffee table don't interest you.
As the rhythm you hold with your heel gets faster and faster, various thoughts go through your mind.
You take a deep breath as you lift your eyes from the ground. Because with your increased level of anxiety
You feel the anxiety attack coming together.
Societies are facing an unprecedented rise in anxiety. Great stress and anxiety
Although it is mostly associated with business life, a much more worrying point is overlooked.
kidnapped: Wait!
Stress and anxiety are part of the mental process often associated with boredom. Long
The absence of practical participation in waiting times and the boredom that comes with it are often typical
ends with one consequence: overthinking. Overthinking as a generally harmful habit
Although it is accepted, usually waiting for a flight at the airport gate, waiting in line before the examination
waiting for exam time or spending time in any waiting room
is an inevitable consequence. The poor quality of the time spent in waiting rooms, especially with health
It has been proven in related studies that the expected service also affects the perception of quality.
Placing aromatherapy diffusers in rooms where waiting is unavoidable
It could be an option for a solution. Italian Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Research Group.
(AIRO@AI*IA) In a study published in 2019, scientists went much further than this recommendation.
they went. They designed the robotic aroma diffuser, which is a decision system. especially the waiting
This device, produced to reduce the alarming influence of rooms on people, is an artificial
It can be operated remotely via intelligence. Stress level of people in the room
It acquires thermal images to understand it. After perceiving the stress level,
It can also decide which aroma to emit. When does your stress occur while you are working?
It also determines that it is out of stock and makes a kind of data collection for various researches.
Significant interaction of aromatherapy between the sense of smell and pituitary gland physiology
It has proven to be an effective remedy for behaviors associated with stress and anxiety due to it.
A few flavors have even been shown to significantly lower blood cortisol levels.
This is why aroma inhalation is widely used in hospitals, schools, corridors, airports and waiting areas.
It is preferred as a stress management method in various anxiety-provoking environments such as bedrooms.
is not surprising. Have a smart diffuser around you that is responsible for your anxiety level.
wouldn't you like?
You put on your galoshes and go to the waiting room. Appointment times are drooping as usual
and the outdated magazines on the coffee table don't interest you. with your heel
As the rhythm you keep is accelerating, all kinds of thoughts go through your mind. Meanwhile in the corner
Thanks to the smart diffuser thermal camera standing on the shelf, it detects your increased anxiety level.
As you lift your eyes and prepare to take a deep breath, the environment is scented with lavender and citrus scents.
wrapping up. The smell reaches your amygdala. Unknowingly loosen as time passes
you are relaxing. When it's your turn, you realize that your heart is not beating fast this time.
you are encouraged.

Lessening stress and anxiety-related behaviors by means of AI-driven drones for
aromatherapy , C. Napoli et al.

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