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Sanal Gerçeklik İle Aromaterapinin Kombinasyonu


One of the consequences of the advancement of technology is the gradual aging of the human population. Health
Thanks to advances in technology and science, people are now taller
they can live. In 2016, the average life expectancy globally was 72 years. Also by 2050
It is predicted that the number of people over the age of 60 will double. fastest in the world
One of the countries with a growing elderly population is Taiwan. Especially in the elderly population
help older adults to have healthy and productive lives in countries where
planned health promotion programs are very important. Previous research
It showed that the psychological health of nursing home residents in Taiwan is not in good shape. Actually
this situation was not unique to Taiwan. Most of the people living in nursing homes are weak.
sleep, depression, anxiety, negative mood were very common conditions.
Many nursing home residents in Taiwan have previously taken some complementary therapy.
He tried to overcome his anxiety by experiencing it, but he did not use these complementary treatments.
they couldn't keep up. Among the methods tried was aromatherapy. aromatherapy,
The effects of essential oils used to deal with many different symptoms have been repeatedly
It is a proven alternative method. A person practicing aromatherapy
The most effective way to make it sustainable is the preparation process of the aromatic oils suitable for it.
is to be included. However, age-related hearing and hand-eye coordination in nursing home residents
may be weakened. Therefore, it is difficult to participate in applied aromatherapy activities.
they can pull. That's why an innovative solution to this problem has been found in Taiwan in the past years.
was brought. Older adults who cannot prepare for aromatherapy virtual reality glasses
They got involved in this phase using
Three-dimensional virtual reality (3D VR) creates a virtual scene without the limitations of time and space.
provides an opportunity to observe. Although it is frequently used for gaming today, researchers
They used the method to create a learning environment. with three-dimensional virtual reality
By combining aromatherapy, researchers thus provide participants with both a powerful learning experience.
They provided both experience and a virtual experience for aromatherapy products.
they earned. In the virtual environment, the participants were not passive. In virtual reality environments
learning requires interaction, so participants were active in this process.
So how did this whole process go? First, the research team visited two nursing homes. A
Nursing home was determined as the experimental group and the other as the control group. 65 from each nursing home
A total of 60 nursing home residents, including 30 people over the age of 30, were included as participants. Firstly
virtual reality technology was introduced to the participants. A joystick by wearing 3D VR helmets
directions were taught. Participants played games that included simple tasks such as breaking ice.
Later, aromatherapy training was started. Participants to prepare an aromatherapy product
received practical guidance. In the virtual environment, with the information they acquired in the last stage, they
They created aromatherapy products. (While the participants are preparing products in the virtual environment,
researchers create the same product in real environment simultaneously with each participant.
They were then encouraged for regular use of this aromatherapy product.
Before starting these activities, and before starting these activities, the participants prepare their own blend oils.
Parameters such as happiness, stress and sleep were measured using some scales after using it.
The experimental group (the group that performed all these procedures) compared to the control group (the
Excluded group) showed a significant improvement. virtual reality technology
Combining it with applied aromatherapy has an impact on the psychological health of older adults.
confirmed its effects. The most important feature that distinguishes this study from others is the
included in the preparation stages of the aromatherapy products they are encouraged to use continuously.
they are. Thus, compared to other aromatherapy interventions, more learning and
offered the opportunity to continue the practice. Psychological problems come with many problems.
The care that older adults receive is very important to prevent them early.
However, one-on-one care may not always be possible in nursing homes. Because
After the nursing home workers acquire these procedures with a short training, they can be applied at once.
or transferring it to nursing home residents in groups and following it regularly is a solution.
it could be. Thus, older adults living in nursing homes can create a sustainable awareness of aromatherapy.
they can win. After a short training, 2 nursing home workers assisted this study.
shows that this is possible. This innovative work will come
offers a unique option for research and care of older adults!

Combination of 3-Dimensional Virtual Reality and Hands-On Aromatherapy in Improving
Institutionalized Older Adults' Psychological Health: Quasi-Experimental Study, 2019
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