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Sınav Kaygısı Yönetiminde Aromaterapi


Undoubtedly, the biggest problem that the university students of our age have difficulty in coping with is the exam.
is a concern. Test anxiety and self-efficacy are the primary factors affecting the academic performance of the student.
are parameters. Self-efficacy is a person's ability to determine motivation, thoughts, and action.
belief in their ability to perform their tasks with a certain level of confidence. high self
contributes greatly to the elimination of proficiency test anxiety.
Exam anxiety is actually a physiological and emotional response to academic responsibility. Push-up
The body-reflecting symptoms of anxiety are a manifestation of the stimulation of the autonomic nervous system.
is the result. This arousal raises heart rate, blood pressure, and some changes in body temperature.
is observed. Among the mental indicators of test anxiety are hopelessness, fear, attention.
lack and anxiety. All this with ineffective work and poor academic performance.
may result. According to a study, up to 35% of university students
suffers from test anxiety severe enough to cause the disorder.
A 2009 study (Driscoll) found that nursing students had other undergraduate
states that they experience higher levels of test anxiety than their peers in their programs. Push-up
The stated effects of anxiety also include results such as wear and tear in students and dropping out of the department.
can give birth. This rate is a serious problem in a country facing an ever-increasing shortage of nurses.
there may be a problem. Studies conducted in the United States of America that the nursing deficit will be increased by 2030.
He says it will reach 1,000,000 people by the end of the year.
Undoubtedly, one of the alternative and accessible solutions for test anxiety is its holistic effects.
aromatherapy. For example, lavender, known for its calming effect, is associated with increased relaxation.
Alpha and theta have strong effects on brain wave activity. or have stimulant effects
Rosemary essential oil for relieving many types of anxiety, including test anxiety.
used in studies. Last of the participants in the United States in 2019
A study was conducted that consisted of 5th grade nursing students. This study deals with aromatherapy.
It was about relieving exam anxiety with massage.
Westside to measure test anxiety of students before and after aromatherapy intervention.
The Test Anxiety Scale (WTAS) was chosen. This scale measures anxiety disorders related to taking an exam.
It was a 10-item scale designed to measure The General Self-Efficacy Scale (GSES) is the intervention.
selected to measure self-efficacy before and after. This is a 10-item used around the world.
Prior to the intervention, the research team used lavender and rosemary essential oils in the designated odorless
prepared in a carrier oil. Carrier oils, potential skin problems from essential oils
It is used to reduce the risk of irritation and is very important in massage aromatherapy.
Jojoba oil was chosen as the carrier oil in this study because it has little odor and
The risk of causing sensitization or allergic reactions was low. Before students take the exam 1
they started taking senas an hour ago. Participants were able to smell the scents of lavender and rosemary oil.
After a brief inhalation, they decide for themselves which fragrance to use for hand massages.
they gave.
All results before and after the intervention were analyzed. Reduced testing of participants
Significant improvements were observed in anxiety and increased self-efficacy. However, researchers
recommends a larger sample size for future research.

Aromatherapy Hand Massage for Test Anxiety and Self-Efficacy in Nursing Students: A Pilot
Study – Teaching and Learning in Nursing

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