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Uyku Esnasında Alınan Aromaterapi İşe Yarıyor Mu?


Getting a quality sleep will match your vitality at other times of the day when you are awake and
It is closely related to your health. The most basic physical activity necessary for human life activities.
sleep, which is one of the activities, immune system disorders in case of deficiency, memory loss,
obesity opens the door to many health problems such as the risk of cardiovascular diseases. With this
Sleep is also very important for brain metabolism.
Communication between billions of nerve cells in the brain depends on electrical fluctuations in the brain.
it causes. By measuring this electrical fluctuation, brain functions are observed. It
The measurement is called EEG. According to EEG, delta frequency brain waves in sleep
alpha-frequency brain waves indicate the quality of sleep interruptions and therefore poor sleep.
indicates quality.
Sleep disorders can be treated with certain medications. These drugs (benzodiazepines, zolpidem, etc.)
Side effects such as sleep walking and cognitive dysfunctions due to some of the substances in it
may cause effects. Another factor affecting brain activities is aroma molecules.
The sleep duration of aromatherapy with essential oils obtained from aromatic plants and
has a positive effect on quality. The accuracy of these effects can also be ensured by EEG. These
Considering that, a study was carried out in Tavyan very recently and in January 2021
Published in Nature. The aim of the study is the effect of aromatherapy on sleep quality.
was to verify it by observing brain waves. Nine participants were involved in this study and
a special sleep laboratory was designed for them. The sleep lab was like a typical bedroom.
But it contained infrared cameras and an observation room.
Generally, in experiments involving aromatherapy, participants are divided into two groups; a group designated
While receiving aromatherapy with essential oil, the other group has a similar odor to the specified essential oil, but
sessions with a neutral oil with no therapeutic effects. Thus, a control group
placebo effect is evaluated. An oil-like fragrance used for this experiment.
There was no need to find a placebo. Because participants used essential oils while they were asleep.
he would breathe. The fact that the EEG can also be taken while asleep is an additional benefit to the researchers.
was providing. All participants followed their sleep prescriptions starting one week before the experiment.
they began to hold. Various questionnaires were used to evaluate the subjective sleep quality of the participants.
used. Before the start of the sleep session, the participants' daily activities, psychological states
and a questionnaire including questions about caffeinated/alcoholic beverage consumption. Then sleep
a questionnaire containing questions about the participants' sleep experience immediately after the session was over.
done. Finally, the next day, a questionnaire was conducted measuring the participants' daytime sleepiness.
All participants spent two nights, one on the warning night and one on the control night.
observed. During the stimulus night, participants fell asleep an hour and a half after falling asleep and before waking up.
up to an hour and a half ago, lavender aroma was released regularly. Thus, the participants
It was aimed to prevent the essential oil from noticing its smell. On the control night, essential oil
The dispenser was run as the stimulus overnight to avoid stimulating the participant.
But instead of essential oil, water vapor was released. When asked later, none of the participants
noticing lavender scent during sleep sessions on stimulant night or control night
They said they didn't. All EEG results, questionnaires and observations were evaluated. Firstly
What stands out is that participants' subjective sleep experiences after stimulating nights controlled
differed significantly compared to the night All participants, lavender asleep
better sleep quality and more vigor during the day after exposure to its aroma
they stated. The results of the EEG power spectra indicate that the stimulus night alpha activity
showed a decrease. In addition, participants had less sleep disruption during the stimulant night.
their lives were observed. EEG analyzes show deeper and more stable sleep on stimulating nights.
showed that.
Briefly, the results of the research show that when the lavender aroma is inhaled during sleep, deep sleep can be achieved.
supports, can lead to improved sleep quality, objective and subjective sleep experience.
It showed that it could heal and provide a feeling of vigor the next day. In EEG analyzes
The decreased alpha and increased delta activity seen in the
It was proof that it was linked to the aroma of lavender.

A pilot study on essential oil aroma stimulation for enhancing slow-wave EEG in sleeping
brain, Nature, 2021

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