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Are you one of those who fall asleep as soon as you hit the pillow or stay in bed for hours?
returning ones? If you are complaining about the second option, if you are alone in the adult population
you are not. Chronic insomnia is a disease that severely disrupts the quality of life and brings with it many
It is a very common situation that also brings problems. Hypertension in adults, heart
chronic insomnia, which triggers many ailments, such as obesity, diabetes,
It's actually more dangerous than it looks. Sleep is the best way to protect physical and mental health.
is one of the essential needs.
We can examine common treatments for insomnia under several headings: pharmacotherapy,
psychotherapy and light therapy. Pharmacotherapy, drugs prescribed by a doctor
Requires regular and long-term use. Appropriate use of these drugs is hypnotic.
(sleep, lethargy) effect, it is undesirable for this effect to dominate the body for a long time.
can cause consequences. Falling, hitting as a result of the drowsiness continuing during the day
risk and potential drug addiction. Psychotherapy is as effective as it is timely.
is the buyer. Light therapy is suitable for those with epilepsy, eye diseases or mental illnesses
room and equipment must be provided for treatment. In short, go home and go to bed.
You may need a second person or sophisticated and costly equipment or even time when you lie down.
It is not possible to apply these methods without hearing about them. Here is an alternative
This is where aromatherapy comes into play!
Aromatherapy, through the inhalation of essential oils, stabilizes one's mood, relieves emotional stress
reduces and aids sleep. Aromatherapy shows its effect in a short time,
It is easy to use and low cost.
Aromatic molecules that enter the human body through respiration are in the hypothalamus region of the brain.
It affects the limbic system by being converted into a message. It then triggers emotional responses and memories,
affects heart rate variability, nervous system activities, relieves stress, relaxes muscles and
It adjusts the body's internal clock, thereby improving sleep and reducing emotional stress. pharmacological
It has almost no side effects compared to drugs.
So, which essential oil or oils should those who have sleep problems prefer? made
Studies have shown that using a mixture of multiple oils compared to a single essential oil
shows a further improvement in quality. This is because essential oils
mixtures of aromatic compounds with larger and more complex structures
It increases their efficiency and creates synergy because it contains a large number of aromatic molecules.
It is the diffusion of aroma molecules to more and more tissues and organs.
The most effective and widely used essential oils for sleep problems are lavender, rose, sweet
orange, chamomile and bergamot oils. If you want to use only one oil, choose your
You can use lavender or mix any two of the oils mentioned above.
Drop a few drops into a small diffuser or water and place it by your bedside.
You can sleep comfortably and wake up fresh in your own room without the need for special equipment.

Effects of aromatherapy on sleep quality: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Complementary Therapies in Medicine,2019

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