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Hayli Kişisel Bir Algoritma: Aromaterapi Boyut Atlıyor!


The primary feature that distinguishes aromatherapy from all other therapies and treatments is that it is personal. Although there are studies on the benefits of certain oils in certain areas or situations, many essential oils have holistic effects and can be used for multiple situations depending on the application method. But if you ask what will bring the efficiency we will get from aromatherapy to the top, the answer is the story. Your story! While each of us is unique in our mere existence, some of our stories are critical for us to build a decisive bridge between us and this treatment.

Medical science is undoubtedly a vital resource and a set of applications that we can apply at every stage of life. Medicine treats vitality in reverse. There are recorded syndromes, symptoms and diseases to date. These are a kind of abnormality and can be corrected with treatment. If you're not abnormal, you're normal. He defines being healthy through not being sick. In medicine, there is a specific treatment that is the antithesis of a particular disease. But the lines of aromatherapy are not so sharp.

Consider a man who has lived in a nursing home since his early old age. A man who has lost his wife and his children and grandchildren have been coming to visit for years. He has no physiological ailments other than the bumps brought by his age. They have some pains, sometimes the painkillers are not enough and sometimes they refuse on their own. An aromatherapy study is being carried out in the nursing home where this man is located. Residents of the nursing home receive aromatherapy sessions with certain essential oils for pain relief. Although different oils are used, an oil with miraculous effects is detected only in this man, which does not show any effect on other patients. Rose oil. When we listen to this man, he talks about his longing for the rose garden he grew with his wife when he was young. That's why there are certain patterns in aromatherapy practices, but these patterns are free to yawn.

If it were possible, have you ever wondered what oil mixtures would be specially prepared for your body, age, gender, if any, even your own stories? For example, if there was a system that could offer aromatherapy materials that would appeal to people's bodies and selves, what would it offer you? I can see the corner of your lip curling. Don't settle for that, you may intend to get excited. Because we are on the verge of such a system. An algorithm more than a system! A very personal algorithm.

Even physiological data such as age and gender alone generate parameters in countless different combinations. When traumas, stories and ailments are added, millions of variables emerge. There is no system yet to calculate all these differences. But this artificial intelligence will be capable of modeling, filtering and modifying millions of different functions. You will tell him about yourself and he will suggest a specific mix for you. It will even be able to tell you which essential oil you should use in what proportion. It will offer a sort of list of needs for your anatomy and soul. The more information you give him and the more open you are when you explain yourself to him, the more carefully prepared your list will be.

In addition to being so personal in practice, this is a big step forward for the intelligibility of aromatherapy in an ideological sense. It will also dispel the mystical atmosphere of aromatherapy, which seems difficult to reach, for those who have not had the opportunity to experience aromatherapy or who do not yet understand what it basically means.

We only have a few months left to witness the dimension jump of aromatherapy together. When that time comes, don't watch from afar, join us! Get your identity's recipe for aroma and enjoy the experience.

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