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Hemşirelerin De Aromaterapiye İhtiyacı Var!


The calming effect of aromatherapy is a complementary medicine that can be used for many ailments.
is the treatment. Although many studies organize aromatherapy sessions for different symptoms,
Patients are not actually the only group that needs it. Nurses who take care of these patients also have a
They need so much calm. Especially for emergency services personnel, it is quite
are stressful areas. Among the most stressful situations cited by nurses, the patient's
coping with their pain, heavy workload and family assets that they are responsible for.
was sorted. In addition, the increase in the workload of nurses provides quality patient care services.
It also causes another stress factor. Considering all these difficulties
When taken, nurses are also able to use it in practice and very effective in relieving anxiety.
Access to aromatherapy is very important.
There are many studies related to the fact that aromatherapy reduces stress and increases productivity in working environments.
work had been done. The researchers tested whether this applies to emergency rooms as well.
They did another specialized study to find out. The hypothesis tested in the study
aromatherapy massage and music, emergency room nurses' stress and anxiety levels
would reduce. The study location was the adult emergency department of a major metropolitan hospital.
Almost all full-time nurses working here were included in this study.
Aromatherapy sessions; while the nurses are being massaged in a quiet room,
It was done by listening to music with headphones. The music playing in the headphones, the feeling of relaxation in the listener
It was the "new age" style music that evoked it. This routine includes 16 massages each week for 12 weeks.
continued and a total of 192 sessions were performed. Nurses according to their personal preferences
essential oil packets called rose, lavender, lime, or ocean breeze
they could choose. Various data collection tools were also used while performing all these procedures.
These included a demographic data survey and some scales. demographic data; age, gender,
exercise routine, marital status, family of dependents, years of work in the emergency department, etc.
consisted of personal information. The scales are work intensity, pressure of responsibility, professional self.
To determine the parameters of occupational stress such as esteem, job satisfaction, personality type.
was designed. Facial anxiety scale developed as a measure of anxiety before each massage
and then applied. When all these collected data were analyzed, the effect of musical aromatherapy massage
It is very effective in reducing the stress level of emergency nurses and increasing their general well-being.
appeared to be. Emergency nurses face many stressful situations highlighted by the study.
they surfaced. The increasing workload of nurses, combined with other stressors,
This resulted in a reduction in the time spent on patient care, which in turn reduced the stress of nurses.
It not only increased their level of satisfaction but also decreased their job satisfaction. Results, musical aromatherapy
demonstrated that massage is a successful anxiety reduction strategy. Nurses, aromatherapy
they were extremely satisfied with their massage, even by paying if available
stated that they can improve their stress levels long-term with massage.

The effect of aromatherapy massage with music on the stress and anxiety levels of
emergency nurses- Australasian Emergency Nursing Journal, 2005

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