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Aromaterapinin Çene Eklemi Ve Çiğneme Kaslarına Bağlı Rahatsızlıklara Etkisi


The most working joint of the human body is the jaw joint. Ailments related to the jaw joint
Tinnitus can occur by showing symptoms such as ear, head, face and eye pain. Jaw
Recurrent pain and dysfunctions in the joint and masticatory muscles have been reported in the literature.
It is referred to as temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ) and is a very common disease.
Both the complex structure of the jaw joint and the effects of these disorders on the patient.
due to TMJ treatment; multiple branches such as maxillofacial surgery, physical therapy, psychology
requires work.
The most common type of pain seen in TMJ disease is myofascial pain. Myofascial pain, one or
It is a type of pain that reflects from several muscle groups. pain to relieve this pain
Massage treatments, which can affect the mechanism of action, are used. This massage therapy is parasympathetic
stimulates the nervous system and restores muscle length and flexibility. ''Opioid,
They are chemical substances that act like morphine in the body.'' Endogenous opioids are natural substances in the body.
produced opiods. Massage therapy supports the production of endogenous opioids
It also helps reduce perception. Therefore, in addition to the standard treatment of TMJ
The use of complementary therapies may be beneficial. Complementary therapy, traditional health
It is used to describe a variety of treatments that fall outside of care. used in TME
A common complementary therapy is aromatherapy massage. Plant extracts used in aromatherapy
The essential oils obtained have therapeutic (healing) properties. Aromatherapy massage, essential
by stimulating the olfactory system of oils and absorbing active molecules by the skin.
shows its effect. Lavender, which is widely used in aromatherapy, relieves pain and inflammation.
It is a strong aromatic herb known for its effects. Soothing, cellulite essential oil of lavender
It also has many different effects such as regenerative, germ remover. Even the main components of lavender,
It is used as an auxiliary substance in some ointments that solve muscle spasms. Moreover
the pain levels of patients with various ailments in the clinical setting of lavender aromatherapy.
It has been shown many times to lower it.
Between 2018-2019, Turkey Private Maltepe Hospital Oral and Dental Health Department,
Aromatherapy massage with lavender essential oil in TMJ patients with myogenic pain.
examined the effects on pain intensity and maximum mouth opening. Maximum mouth opening
means maximum unassisted mouth opening with the person's head in a neutral position. jaw joint,
Pain in the chewing and neck muscles is associated with maximum mouth opening.
A total of 90 patients participated in this study as participants, and 3 groups were divided equally.
To determine whether the effects observed in participants were due to aromatherapy
A group that received a massage with a non-aromatic oil, other than the group that received aromatherapy massage for
and a group that received no massage therapy was formed.
Group L: Test group (aromatherapy massage therapy with lavender oil)
Group P: Placebo group (massage therapy with sweet almond oil without aromatic oil)
Group C: Control group (without any massage therapy)
Groups L and P received massage therapy for the same steps from a specialist physical therapist wound.
During the massage, lavender oil is used in the L group, while the sweet oil, which is a neutral oil in the P group, is used.
almond oil was used. Almond oil has a proven respiratory effect in the literature so far.
This oil is preferred as a placebo in most studies. Each patient a total of 15 times
attended the massage session. In addition, no patient took analgesic/pain relief medication during the study.
The massage protocol consisted of 10 minutes in the area for the mouth and myopic neck and face.
It included various extramuscular and intramuscular techniques, including 20 minutes at points of In addition
It is also important for patients to use diaphragm breathing to support relaxation.
taught. The pain intensities felt by the participants were determined according to an inventory.
evaluated. The maximum mouth opening was measured 3 times and the average value was taken. recorded
The data were analyzed with various software. The results were promising because the lavender oil
Aromatherapy massage reduces the level of pain and improves mouth opening in patients with myogenous TMJ.
has shown to increase. Massage with sweet almond oil alone, albeit at a lower rate
therapy also had a positive effect on the tested parameters. This is your massage.
It is an indication that it is an effective protocol on muscle mechanisms on its own. But
linalool and linalyl acetate in lavender for this study when supplemented with aromatherapy
Thanks to this, tension was reduced more effectively and a higher reduction in pain score was achieved.
observed. This study is the first study in which aromatherapy is applied in patients with TMJ.
Although it has the characteristics of lavender aromatherapy to reduce the pain score, there are other studies in the literature.
consistent with the findings. This result shows that aromatherapy, massage and serotonin level (a kind of natural
effect that causes an increase in pain suppression, release of endorphins and increased blood flow
attributed to the mechanism. Multimodal in disorders such as TMJ, the most important symptom of which is pain.
treatments are recommended. Multimodal therapy consists of at least two different treatment approaches. It
Therefore, in addition to the standard health treatments that patients receive, there is a low risk of side effects and
Receiving aromatherapy massage with a high benefit rate can have positive results.
Traditional massage is the first preferred complementary approach to TMJ treatment. This research
Various studies, especially the more effective aromatherapy massage, have now replaced it.
It signals that you will get it!

• A novel treatment modality for myogenous temporomandibular disorders using
aromatherapy massage with lavender oil: A randomized controlled clinical trial,2020
• Investigation Amount Of Maximum Mouth Opening And Association With
Temporomandibular Joint Disorders InTurkish Adult Population

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