Although birth is an indescribable process, mothers feel quite tired after birth and this
The condition may increase due to infant care and breastfeeding. However, anxiety, insomnia and pain
They may have some complaints such as Subjective exhaustion in 80% of new mothers
has been reported. Subjective exhaustion is a reduced capacity for physical and mental activities.
It is a defined type of fatigue. The most common complaint in the postpartum period is sleep.
recorded as a disorder. Sleep disturbance and fatigue are directly related. It
For this reason, in order for the newly born mother to have a quality sleep, first of all, she should be tired.
intervention is required. All of these are actually a stress factor for the mother. with relaxation
Anxiety disorders, which can be significantly reduced, are very important for mother and baby.
Breastfeeding process by stimulating oxytocin secretion of breastfeeding mothers with relaxation
supportable. Mothers who can manage the stressful mood that is quite normal after giving birth
she had less breastfeeding difficulties. Apart from baby care, the mother's own physical and mental
It is very critical to guide this situation for health. Aromatherapy, essential oils
supporting relaxation by stimulating the central nervous system and practical application
It is one of the most effective guides of this situation with its methods. Different complaints of aromatherapy in medicine
It has been reported many times to be used for Blood pressure, anxiety, sleep quality, dementia, muscle
Pain is some of them.
Relaxation and relaxation of new mothers in aromatherapy in Japan in 2017.
A study has been published testing the relaxation effects. The participants of this research,
It was 29 mothers who had just given birth (1 to 7 days postpartum) at a hospital in Tokyo.
According to the maternity care procedures in Japan, mothers who give normal birth are five days,
Those who had a cesarean section stayed in the hospital for eight days. Caesarean section rate in participants
was about 30%. Aromatherapy; palms, hands with a blend of various essential oils
and applied to the forearm by massage. With massage, blood and lymph flow was encouraged and each
The session lasted 20 minutes. Participants are interested in aromatherapy sessions and essential oils.
They answered various questions about their satisfaction and expectations and results. Also, relaxation
and process-related scales before and after the session.
When all the collected data were analyzed, the result was promising. Aromatherapy, new birth
It was very successful in reducing the tiredness of mothers who had breast feeding and providing intense relaxation.
Among the essential oils used, citron and orange essential oil stand out with their high potency.
output. The contents of the prepared aromatherapy sessions are completely tailored to the needs of the mother.
was designed to accommodate. For this reason, process evaluation questionnaires
It resulted in high satisfaction by both mothers who gave birth by cesarean section.
In the period that starts right after birth, which is as tiring as it is pleasing,
mothers may need care to manage this fatigue and relax. Nurses,
integrate aromatherapy with existing patient care; to comfort the mother
It is also very important to increase motivation for child care. aromatherapy,
It is an advantageous complement to patient care, providing relief and reducing various symptoms.

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